The cooking workshops will engage a cross section of communities to share knowledges about different migrant groups through their foods and the stories that accompany them.

The workshops’ purpose is not to change behaviour, but instead provide a space and platform through which cross-community dialogue can be fostered. They will also provide recipe data, engagement stories, and images that will be further shared in the cookbook.

Workshop participants will be representatives (e.g. community leaders and activists) of different communities and neighbourhoods, and members of migrant and refugee groups. Individuals who may have negative attitudes towards migration but are open to participation will also be invited. In addition, invitations will be extended to those working in the food sector and industry, as well as relevant local Government representatives. 

To encourage participation each workshop will operate on an informal drop-in basis and will last up to six hours. Activities will comprise small groups cooking and eating together while the SOOP chefs and project team circulate and facilitate dialogue, as well as giving more formal talks about the foods and their stories.

Allocated time will also be given to community leaders and representatives who wish to initiate similar type events and/or discuss the possibilities of food-related activities in helping foster cross-cultural understandings in their own communities.

If you are interested in participating in a workshop, please contact Emma-Jayne Abbots at