Throughout the project, the team will jointly compile a cookbook, which will be a culmination of SOOP’s culinary training programme and supper club series, and the Food Stories project’s cookery workshops.

It will present recipes and food stories from migrant and refugee groups, and relate this to questions of cultural identities and the continuation and reinvention of culinary practices. It will also discuss the impact of SOOP’s work on participants and local communities and will thus provide a toolkit for those looking to initiate similar public engagement activities.

By actively disseminating narratives of diversity and commonality, the book will also seek to highlight the role that food and its narratives can play in fostering dialogue and understandings about migration and migrant groups. 

As a public engagement piece, the book will comprise easily accessible recipes provided by SOOP’s supper club chefs and participants in its culinary training programme, interspersed with narrative and visual ‘takeaways’ centred around food, migration and cultural identity. In line with the Food Stories project and SOOP’s joint ethos of neither preaching nor lecturing, but rather creating spaces for dialogue about migration, the tone will be invitational and representative of different voices. 

The book will be disseminated free of charge through a variety of mechanisms. It will be sent to: previous supper club and culinary programme attendees; workshop participants; SOOP’s database of social media followers; and community activists and leaders in the areas of London, Coventry and Bradford in which SOOP and Food Stories have worked.

It will further be disseminated through various Food Studies networks, including popular food historians and writers, chefs, and food industry members, in addition to academics.