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UWTSD has a number of nationally and internationally renowned centres of expertise in a range of diverse fields.

Explore some of our centres to find out how they can benefit your organisation.

The Architectural Glass Centre (AGC) was established as the commercial arm of the Swansea School of Architectural Glass. Its prime function is to act as an agent between potential clients and emerging/established glass artists in the realisation of new commissions and restoration/conservation projects.

For more information contact:
Email: amanda.hughes@uwtsd.ac.uk

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About Us

The Design Lab is a team of multi-disciplined product designers who are passionate about design, turning ideas into reality. No matter where you are in the development process from concept generation, detailed designs, prototyping and design for manufacture we can help. Working within the School of Art and Design we can draw upon the wide range of expertise and facilities to tailor a solution for you.

The Design Lab crosses all sectors, such as:

  • Architecture
  • Automotive consumer products
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Industrial Design
  • Inventors
  • Marine working with multinational companies
  • Medical
  • Micro enterprises
  • SMEs

The Design Lab has been established in order to support industries through:

  • Contract research projects
  • Technology transfer
  • Participation on industry projects
  • Provision of research
  • Development equipment 

What We Do

We concentrate on the more creative end of the product development process utilising the latest software and cutting edge technologies. We know that form style and functionality of a new product is vital in activating and attracting financial and commercial investment to allow a product to proceed to market, so we have tailored our services to incorporate:‌

  • 3D Computer Aided Design
  • Concept design
  • Design thinking
  • Product visualisation
  • Prototyping


  • The lab has a range of 3D printing equipment capable of producing functional prototypes using ABS and PLA Material as well high level detailed printing down to 16 micron layers in a range of materials including an optically clear that can be used for testing.
  • 3D colour printing is also possible using our 3D powder printer capable of producing quick concept models for verification and visual feedback.
  • Our 3D scanning facility is capable of digitizing products, moulds, tools, and much more using our dental and hand held scanners to verify and check products for accuracy and 3D modelling.

For more information on the Design Lab please contact:
Ian Williams
Tel: 01792 481199 (ext 4529)
Email: ian.williams@uwtsd.ac.uk

CIC is a bespoke product design service offered to members of the national charity Cerebra, in partnership with UWTSD. The successful partnership has seen the Centre grow and expand over the last ten years with recent products being commercialised which has increased revenue for further research for the charity.

While the work of CIC is mainly for the Cerebra charity, UWTSD has considerable experience in the areas of new product development and product design and can support businesses and external parties through the Design Lab at UWTSD.

For more information on the Cerebra Innovation Centre please contact:
Dr Ross Head
Tel: 01792 483 688
Email: ross.head@uwtsd.ac.uk

Established in 2005, the Creative industries Research and Innovation Centre (CIRIC) is a hub for research, learning and Intellectual Property (IP) development which has worked with over 500 businesses in the creative industries sector.

In recent years, CIRIC has developed expertise, knowledge and has established a range of facilities through a number of successful EU funded projects including:

  • The Advanced Communications Technology Project (ACT)
  • Moving Images Wales (MIW)
  • The Institute for Sustainable Design (ISD).

This expertise and the associated facilities are still available to support businesses with future projects continually being developed.

For more information contact:
James Moxey
Tel: 01792 481253 
Email: james.moxey@uwtsd.ac.uk

The first Higher Education Institution (HEI) in Wales to develop and deliver an integrated bilingual professional development framework programme incorporating:

  • Accreditation of employers’ staff development programmes
  • Accreditation of prior experiential learning
  • Delivery of a range of modules leading to an academic qualification in Professional Practice.

For more information please contact:
Wales Academy for Professional Practice and Applied Research
Tel: 01267 676882
Email: wbl@tsd.ac.uk

Enterprise starts with creativity and innovation, but relies on a very strong business sense to make it work. This is what drives the Centre for Creative Entrepreneurship, a hub of Inter-disciplinary activity that empowers UWTSD teams to help students, graduates, staff and our business community to not only develop their own ideas and opportunities, but also to drive them forward. 

For more information contact our Enterprise Manager:
Kathryn Penaluna
Tel: 01792 481199 
Email: kathryn.penaluna@uwtsd.ac.uk

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and evaluation has been a key area of expertise and research at UWTSD for over 20 years.

NDT has become a niche area within the South Wales region with a number of companies now actively involved in research, (TWI), development and manufacturing (Silverwing UK Ltd) and advanced inspection services (Oceaneering Asset Integrity).  Other companies such as TATA SteelCalsonicTeam PrecisionTIMET, and others also utilise NDT technologies.

Over the last 10 years UWTSD has established working collaborations with these locally based international NDT companies to carry out research and development in a number of areas. Academic specialists at UWTSD have continued to build upon ultrasonic research in thermographic NDT and UWTSD has established itself as a recognised global centre of expertise.


The Centre is well equipped with a range of facilities and state of the art equipment including:

  • Conventional Ultrasound
  • Phased Array Ultrasound
  • Infrared thermography
  • Eddy Current Analysis
  • Photo-elastic stress measurement
  • Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometry
  • Computer Simulation Software

In 2008 the University created a Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC) in NDT, set up with funding from the Welsh Government’s A4B programme. The KTC’s role was to support the Welsh manufacturing industry. Since its inception, the Centre has assisted 46 companies across Wales, undertaken 32 collaborative industrial projects and has created 5 jobs.

Investment is in excess of £282,482 and the Centre has engaged in research and development projects with leading companies such as Calsonic Kansei Ltd, Tata Steel, United Aerospace Ltd and Ford Motor Company.

UWTSD has worked with a number of companies in the area of NDT which include projects such as: 

Atech Reid GP Microscopic and Ultrasonic Inspection of Carbon Fibre/Aluminium bondline
Cyden Thermographic Temperature Evalution for iPulse Products
Matildas Planet Thermographic Investigation to determine energy efficiency of Thermal Radiation heater Panel
Meritor HBS Feasibility Study into the use of ultrasonic testing to analyse cast heavy brake system components for internal defects
Oceaneering Evaluation of Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Pipe Corrosion Inspection System
Oceaneering Ultrasonic Array CIVA Simulation validation
Rikoset CT Radiography Evaluation of Composite Shin Pads
Silverwing UK Optimisation of Variable Reluctance Magnet Bridge for Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection Tool
Team Precision Applicaton of CT Radiography to evaluate brazing procedures for new aluminium copper condensor components
TWI (Wales) Validation of Annual Array Ultrasound Theoretical Models

Knowledge transfer is also delivered through the academic programmes, university scholarships and studentships. The University offers the only NDT postgraduate qualification in Europe and a total of 3 PhDs and 17 MSc dissertations have successfully been completed with industrial partners since 2011.  These have resulted in a number of publications and further research in areas such as computer simulation (electromagnetic, elasto-dynamic) and signal processing.  Research has been undertaken on both an industrial and academic basis with particular strength residing in the advanced ultrasonic array signal and image processing research that has been undertaken.

For more information about NDT or to discuss your requirements, please contact:
Dr. Pete Charlton
Email: Peter.charlton@uwtsd.ac.uk

UWLAS offers a range of professional consultancy services in environmental archaeology for clients in public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

For more information contact:
Professor Nigel Nayling
Tel: 01570 424904
Email: n.nayling@uwtsd.ac.uk

Canolfan Peniarth was established in 2008 with the aim of becoming a major centre of production of Welsh medium and bilingual classroom materials.

Canolfan Peniarth has developed to be one of the leading publishers in the primary and secondary education sector in Wales. In addition the centre now offers various specialist services including:

  • Language training services in education
  • Web design
  • Interactive resources
  • Information management services.
  • For more information contact

Gwydion Wynne
Tel: 01267 676826
Email: g.wynne@uwtsd.ac.uk

We are primarily based at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, although our work is often out in schools and the community.

We work with people of all ages and abilities to raise participation and support physical activity in all forms, whether that is pre-school play, walking the dog or competing in world championship events.

The institute has conducted research in many aspects of physical literacy right across the lifespan. We have studied the contribution of the early childhood curriculum in Wales to children’s physical literacy to the effects of high intensity training on the older population. We are currently studying motivation to engage in physical activity in adolescents, and the increase in engagement in outdoor fitness activities.

We manage the Welsh Government funded Physical Literacy Project for Schools in the region in partnership with ERW and Sport Wales. We also work with schools outside this project to support the development of physical literacy.

Expertise in the fields of:Phsyical Literacy

  • Physical Education
  • Health and well being
  • Sports injury and sports therapy
  • Early years Education
  • Psychology
  • Physiology
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition
  • Outdoor Education and Adventure

For more information visit the Physical Literacy website

Nalda Wainwright
Tel: 01267 676730
Email: n.wainwright@uwtsd.ac.uk

The Psychological Evaluation and Research Consultancy Hub (PERCH) is housed within the School of Psychology at UWTSD Swansea.  PERCH has been established to enable us to maximise our growing research consultancy and evaluation activities in line with our current activities and capabilities.

Expertise within PERCH includes experimental methods (measurement of implicit attitudes, psychophysiological measures), quantitative evaluation design (quality of life and health psychology evaluation, on-line data collection and analysis, randomised trials), research ethics, and qualitative evaluation methods.  Led by Dr Ceri Phelps and Dr Paul Hutchings, two chartered Psychologists and chartered scientists, the aim of PERCH is to:

  • Offer responsive and high quality internal and external psychological research evaluation and consultancy services
  • Provide collaborative expertise, supervision and training opportunities for internal and external customers and research partners
  • Maximise the dissemination of our research activities to a broad range of audiences – funders, academics, third sector organisations and public and patient interest groups.

Research Areas:

Our research expertise is primarily focused across the following four areas:

  1. Intervention development, evaluation, and outcome research
  2. Health Psychology, psycho-oncology and psychosocial genetic
  3. Social psychology and the public understanding of health and science
  4. Immigration, prejudice & discrimination

PERCH have a strong track record of collaboration and funded research relationships with internal and external departments and organisations, including:

  • Welsh Government
  • Tenovus Cancer Care
  • Internal faculties within UWTSD
  • Singleton Hospital Breast Care Unit
  • All Wales Medical Genetics Service

Contact us

For further information please contact:
Dr Ceri Phelps
Tel: 01792 482084
Email: ceri.phelps@uwtsd.ac.uk 

Dr Paul Hutchings
Tel: 01792 482080
Email: paul.hutchings@uwtsd.ac.uk