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Professional Learning: AoLE - Maths/English/Science (GradCert)

The course aims to build subject expertise in English, Maths or Science, through research and critical reflection on teaching and learning.  It focuses on establishing confidence within the new area and knowledge and understanding of current research within the field. 

The programme develops practitioner-based research in subject-specific areas, through the analysis of learning.  It explores the subject theory and provides the opportunity to develop units of study for teaching.

The course will be delivered in English but all students are able to submit their work in either English or Welsh.


Professional Learning: Maths (GradCert)

Professional Learning: Science (GradCert)

Professional Learning: English (GradCert)

You must have:

  • qualified teacher status
  • completed of university application
  • attended an interview
  • secured 60 hours of teaching in the subject area

Postgraduate Loans
Contact Name: Sue M. James

Tuition Fees 2021/22:

Why choose this course

The course aims to provide teachers with confidence to establish and develop their teaching specialism.

The programme offers an opportunity:

  1. To improve subject expertise and knowledge.
  2. To develop understanding of current research and subject theory.
  3. To explore curriculum design and development within the subject.
  4. To engage in practitioner research to understand subject based learning.
  5. To evaluate pedagogy and innovation within the subject with colleagues.

What you will learn

Course Overview

This programme will equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to apply critical thought to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum in English, Maths, or Science. They will engage in practitioner-led research to gain a deeper understanding of the subject area. 

You will:

  • receive expert instruction and tuition.
  • engage in practice-focused modules to support subject teaching.
  • conduct research on learning and progression within the subject.
  • advance your knowledge of research theory and policy informing practice within the subject.
  • design units of study to support the subject acquisition.

The course is delivered through 2 modules over a year and offers the flexibility for remote engagement using both hybrid and blended learning strategies. There will be support for students returning to academic study through ‘Study Skills’ sessions and personal tutorials (on request).

Module Topics

The Graduate Certificate is comprised of 2 modules and both are compulsory to achieve the award.  Each module is 30 credits at Level 6. 

Module 1:

Enhancement and Development of English/Maths or Science subject knowledge for effective teaching of English/Maths/Science.

Module 2:

Enhancement and Development of English/Maths or Science pedagogical knowledge for effective teaching of English/Maths/Science.


Assessments are through coursework, and assignments will range from presentations and various forms of written assignments aligned to current practice. These assessments will provide opportunities to develop transferable skills.

Key Information

Entry Criteria

All applicants must be qualified teachers.

You must have:

  • qualified teacher status
  • completed of university application
  • attended an interview
  • secured 60 hours of teaching in the subject area
Career Opportunities
  • Professional development of subject expertise – department leadership.
  • Some credits could be applied to MA Education degree (within a 5-year time limit)
Additional Costs

There are no additional costs for this course.

Bursary / Scholarship Information

You may be eligible for funding to help support your study. To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit our Bursaries and Scholarships section.


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