Contact Registry immediately. The team will check your record and re-print your invitation if appropriate.

Log into MyTSD and enter your student number and password. Go to ‘Student Graduation’ on the Home screen and follow the instructions.


Car parking is available, largely within a short walk from all of the day's events. However, as space is limited the parking will be issued on a first come first served basis. Estates staff will be available to direct you to the parking areas but please allow extra time to locate a space.

If you have any issues with mobility and are a blue badge holder please indicate this on MyTSD to ensure that, where possible, a space is allocated for you near to the main event. Please contact Registry if you wish to discuss this further.

You will need to arrive two hours before the ceremony commences in order to allow you time to collect your robe, seat number and guest tickets.

You will need to be seated 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to start during which time you will be seated in your allocated seat and briefed by the Chief Marshall.

Should you or any of your guests have a disability / specific access requirements that we need to know about or a hearing impairment, please give details in the relevant section on MyTSD and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

Please make staff aware so that assistance can be provided.

Guests’ seats are not allocated and guests are able to sit anywhere in the venue apart from the seats reserved for Graduands, Vice-Chancellor’s guests or wheelchair users. Reserved seating will be clearly marked. Entrance to the venue is by ticket only and tickets must be handed to the Stewards on the doors. Doors will open for guests approximately half an hour before the start of the ceremony.

Graduands must wear academic dress for their presentation at the congregation. We also require the wearing of relatively formal dress. The hood needs to be securely fastened to either a jacket, shirt or blouse.

Yes, a printed programme will be available, free of charge, to all graduates and their guests. There may also be other memorabilia available for you to purchase.

At the start of the ceremony, graduates and guests will stand as the academic staff process into the hall. Following a welcome, you will be addressed by the Vice-Chancellor and/or other senior officials of the University.

After a musical interlude and a reading of the Proclamation, graduates will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor (or his nominee). You will be prompted by staff to move forward in the order you are seated.

A Dean of Faculty will read out your name at which point you will ascend the stage, walk towards the Vice-Chancellor and shake his hand. You will then leave the stage and stand with your fellow students in a line until a member of staff guides you back to your seat.

The Vice-Chancellor will then ask all students who are to be admitted to the same award to stand and he will then formally present you to your award. You should “doff” in response and remain standing to receive the University’s Greetings.

Looking towards the Vice-Chancellor, nod your head slightly and either touch the front peak of your cap or raise it very slightly.

Each ceremony will last approximately 60 minutes. Other than for your presentation you are required to remain in your seat for the duration of the ceremony.

You MUST ensure that you have cleared any outstanding academic debts to the University by 21st November 2018. Please contact the Finance Office immediately to discuss your options.

If you have outstanding academic debts and have not made arrangements with the Finance Office to clear them, you could be excluded from the graduation ceremonies and your name will not appear in the programme.

As a Graduating student of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, you are automatically part of the Alumni Association. As an Alumni Member, we will keep you informed about University news and developments – it’s a great way for us to keep in touch with each other!

Certificates will be posted to students whose awards are confirmed at a Summer Award Board within approximately eight weeks of the graduation ceremonies.

Students whose awards are confirmed at Award Boards held at other times of the year will receive their certificates approximately eight weeks after the Board. You will receive an invitation to celebrate your achievement at a graduation ceremony despite the fact that you may have received your certificate already.

If after this time you should have any query regarding your certificate, please contact Registry.

Certificates will not be released to students who have not made arrangements with the Finance Office to clear outstanding debts.