Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look through some of the questions frequently asked by organisations about our courses and opportunities.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Courses and modules are continuously starting throughout the year but for exact course or module start dates please check the GWLAD calendar.

There are undoubtedly challenges in managing work home life and study, and it requires commitment, a disciplined approach and good time management skills to be able to do this. Whilst maintaining academic standards, we are careful not to place unrealistic timescales on learners for submission of work. We encourage potential learners to discuss their concerns with tutors and to take advantage of the support that it available. 

All modules have been designed to meet a business need and therefore have a real world positive impact on the business and its employees. Each module allows for a review of existing working practices and following reflection, identified improvements are made. The programme aims to provide employers with well trained and skilled staff, which will benefit them and their colleagues outputs in the future.

As many as you can release and that you feel will benefit from the particular course/modules.

Dependant on the size of your enterprise you will be entitled to a subsidy of between 40% & 60%. Each Module will, therefore, cost between £300 & £450 per employee rather than the full cost of £750.

As well as developing your knowledge, understanding and skills around your chosen subject, you will, on successful completion of an assessment, receive a University certificate for a 30 credit module. You may choose to study for a Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education, a Foundation Degree a BA or a Masters Degree. 

You can choose to do one or more modules, depending on whether you want to improve your knowledge, skills and understanding of a particular topic, or whether you want to gain a full qualification.  Should you choose to work towards a full qualification, there are a number of different pathways which you could follow towards a Certificate or Diploma of Higher Education a Foundation Degree, a BA or a Masters Degree

A typical 30 credit module will require learners to attend four one-day taught sessions, and then to undertake around 70 hours of independent learning e.g. reading and research.  The remainder of the learning time (around 200 hours) will be covered through normal day-to-day work activities – we all learn through work, reflecting on our experiences and the challenges that we encounter.

There are many forms of support available to our learners -  from learning resources in our Libraries (LRC) and on-line via our virtual learning resource (MOODLE), to one-to-one tutorials. There are resources available to help you to develop study skills, and to guide you through the process of writing assignments. There are mentor tutors in the GWLAD team who are able to provide additional learning support, and Student Support staff who are able to provide support across a wide range of issues.

People often have concerns about commencing academic study either for the first time or following a long period since they last undertook any formal learning. You can speak to our tutors and/or our admissions officer about what is involved in the modules you are interested in, so you can make an informed choice about what you want to study and the most appropriate level at which to study.