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Coastal Housing Stories

Multiple testimonials from students on the Social Housing pathway and Why Coastal Housing chose to collaborate with the GWLAD Project.

Furniture Design Stories

Multiple testimonials from students on the furniture design course.

Tata Steel Testimonial

A short testimonial video from Gareth Williams of Tata Steel.

Del Harries Testimonial

A short testimonial video from Del Harries. 

Fieldbay's GWLAD Testimonial  

A short testimonial video from Fieldbay's Paula and Aldo.

Catrin's Hair Salon GWLAD Testimonial

A short testimonial video from the salon owner Catrin George

Mindfulness in the Workplace

A short interview from Finance Director: Nigel Williams of Castell Howell Foods

MA Professional Practice

A short interiew with Voluntary Coordinator Caroline White of Pembrokeshire

Association of Voluntary Services


GWLAD Participant – Case Study

Kate Jenkins, TATASteel Europe

Kate works as an Area Process Technologist in the cold rolling mill. Here the coils of steel are passed through a number of pairs of rolls to reduce the steel’s thickness and is one of the final steps before delivery to the Customer. Her role requires technical experience in Manufacturing as well as skills in leading, managing projects and people in a high volume production environment.

Kate’s initial contact with GWLAD was through the UWTSD’s involvement with TATASteel on previous EU funded projects, (Elevate and SW:SW). Her motivation for participating in these academic courses is to developcompetencies within her role .She has worked in the steelworks for 25 years and recognises the need for continual improvement and self-development. Kate acknowledges that her studies have allowed her to develop in areas such as benchmarking ,research methods and problem solving techniques through wider reading. And feels she is developing a range of tools and techniques that can be used to work more efficiently, effectively and ultimately add value to the business

Initially she was concerned about the time commitment for study, but Kate goes on to describe her GWLAD experience as “first class, fantastic – supportive with empathetic academic and support staff that understand her role in the workplace and need for a good life balance between academic study, home and work”.