GWLAD has now been operating since January 2016 and has already a positive effect on the Welsh economy engaging with small, medium and large organisations across the third and private sector in South West Wales.

We have been able to create and deliver new and innovative programmes that could lead to an exciting future for higher education work-based learning programmes. Examples include:

A Foundation Degree – Furniture Design

A gap was identified to create a bespoke programme for students leaving level 3 Furniture Design at Coleg Ceredigion to support them with the practicality of running their own business. In collaboration with Coleg Ceredigion, we at GWLAD created a Foundation Degree pathway for students with practical modules to develop their practical skills, but also developing areas such as ‘Digital Marketing’ Finance for Small Business’ ‘Learning Plan’ ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Health, Safety and Wellbeing’ which are also important for small businesses.

Tailoring courses from the care sector to the wholesalers

Take a look to see how Fieldbay are finding the course. 
Due to the success of this Leadership programme, our industry experienced tutors have tailored the programme to meet the needs of Castell Howell a Wholesale company.

Working with SME’s:

GWLAD have successfully engaged with a range of large organisations. However, as we know SME’s back a significant impact to the Welsh economy. Many of our learners are self-employed, or work for SME’s, using their learning from our programmes such as Leadership, Introduction to Marketing and RAL and making a significant change in the workplace.

Housing Association Qualification:

We have also been busy working with Coastal Housing to develop a bespoke programme aimed at up skilling staff in the industry. From GWLAD’s pool of expertise and in conjunction with Coastal Housing a programme was designed around leadership, housing and sustainable tenancies. This will be delivered in the autumn term with the aim of engaging with other housing association across the South West region. If you work for a Housing Association and would like further information please contact the GWLAD team.