National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day

Are you struggling to remain focussed at work?

If you’re experiencing too much pressure at work, or constantly juggling deadlines and various tasks; staying focussed isn’t easy. Research suggests the following can help reduce stress at work:

  • Managing your mind
  • Focus, plan and take action
  • Manage time 
  • Accepting change
  • Ask for help 

Therefore on National Stress Awareness Day; here’s a brief overview of how the different modules through GWLAD can help reduce work-related stress. 

Mind full or Mindful?

GWLAD’s mindfulness in the workplace module combines personal mindfulness practice with and understanding of the research context in this field. A recent review of the module’s effectiveness showed that 96% of respondents reported continuing with mindfulness for up to two years after the module had ended, with accompanying improvements in the areas of well-being and performance.

Mindfulness is a proven means of relating differently to what is happening to us, noticing, stepping back, and choosing a response rather than reacting to events. It is rooted in an ethos of self-kindness rather than harsh self-judgement. The module firmly places this level of personal experience within the context of the challenges of workplace well-being.

Mindfulness isn’t just about meditation and relaxing. It encourages staff to be aware of what’s happening around them, what they find difficult, and responding to these situations. Studies proven that mindfulness training can increase attention and engagement, improved physical and mental health, and an increased ability to be resilient and manage stress. Therefore mindfulness can have a significant positive impact on any organisation that can lead to enhanced staff productivity and organisational performance.
Next Start Date: 18th January 2017, Carmarthen

Lead by Example:

Employees seek guidance on personal and professional development from managers and follow in their footsteps. Leaders can have an impact on the workplace stress as they are often responsible for creating workplace culture with a reasonable work/life balance.
As part of GWLAD’s comprehensive leadership programme, our module ‘Leadership, Planning and Motivation,’ has already proven successful with learners to help prioritise workload, “the course has given me good ideas to organise my workload,” explained one learner. This module enables individuals to plan and prioritise tasks effectively in the work place whilst engaging and motivating the team to enhance performance at all levels.
Next start Date: January 2017

A problem shared is a problem halved:

Talking to someone can be extremely helpful. Therefore Mentoring and Coaching at work can also help reduce stress in the workplace. Mentors and coaches can provide support in a safe environment to discuss issues affecting their work. This is relationship focused, encouraging individuals to take ownership of their decisions and actions. This time away from the workplace can be extremely effective as individuals are encouraged to reflect, evaluate and plan actions on overcoming barriers, and the issues involved. GWLAD’s Mentoring and Coaching module can enhance the organisational culture by improving learning, communication, performance and retention and is especially useful in developing leadership and supporting organisational change.
Next Start Date: 16th January 2017

Key points about GWLAD:

  • Up-to 70% funding for South West Wales 
  • Work-based learning 
  • Save money on a university qualification
  • Only 1 day per month delivery
  • Work towards a university qualification
  • You do not need previous university qualifications 
  • Implement learning within the workplace
  • Build on existing knowledge

GWLAD is managed by Wales Institute for Work-Based Learning (WIWBL) through the University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s and supported by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government, saving money for organisations to participate in higher education work-based learning programmes. Contact us today to register or for further information