Events (past and future)

people at a conference

'Harmony, Holism, and the Future of Healthcare', 14-16 July 2022. This three-day conference in Lampeter is held in partnership with the College of Medicine and will feature presentations and discussions on how to take forward an integrated, holistic approach to healthcare. A highlight will be an evening concert from the legendary Welsh harpist Catrin Finch.

‘Mystical Experiences: Past and Present’, 9 July 2022. The 2022 Conference of the Religious Experience Research Centre, Supported by the Alister Hardy Trust and The Learned Society of Wales, with a keynote speech from Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury. The conference will be held in the Cliff Tucker Theatre, Lampeter, and live-streamed.

'The Harmony of Heaven and Earth', 25-26 June 2022. This two-day conference explores the theory and practice of attempts to create Harmony between sky and planet Earth. The Harmony Institute is partnering with the University’s Sophia Centre. The conference will be both online and physically on the University’s Lampeter campus. Join us in Lampeter if you can but, otherwise, we will be delighted to see you online.

'The Learning of the Imagination: Legend and Inspiration', 11 May 2022. This one-day study day in Lampeter is partnered with the Temenos Academy and feature discussion and re-telling of myths from the Celtic world and China. The event is free, but registration is necessary.

 On the Political Skies: Harmonies between Heaven and Earth, 22-24 May 2020, at the State Museum of the History of Religion, St. Petersburg, Russia

‘Harmony: Faith, Business and Education’, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter campus, 11 March 2020.

‘The Learning of the Imagination: Wisdom Traditions and Sacred Vision’, A One Day Conference with the The Temenos Academy, University of Wales Trinity Saint David Lampeter campus, 3 July 2019.

‘The Harmony of the World’: A conference to celebrate the 400th anniversary
of the publication of Johannes Kepler's Harmonices Mundi 21-23 June 2019, at the State Museum of the History of Religion, St. Petersburg, Russia.

‘Action and Activism: The Harmony Conference 2018’, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter campus, 14 March 2018.

‘Harmony in Food and Farming’, organised by the Sustainable Food Trust at Landovery College, 10-11 July 2017.

‘The Harmony Debates: What is Harmony? Exploring the Relationship between Harmony and Sustainability’, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter campus, 2-3 March 2017.

'What is the Place of Spirituality in Ecology?' Schumacher College Earth Talks, a special Harmony to launch the MA in Ecology and Spirituality, 19 October 2016

Living on Earth: Charting a Course of Harmony, 7 July 2016, Lampeter.