The literature on Harmony, both as a broad philosophical concept and as a guide to action, dates back over two thousand years.

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Harmony book Cover

HRH The Prince of Wales, Tony Juniper and Ian Skelly, Harmony: A New Way of Looking at our World (London: Harper Collins, 2010).

This book galvanised the current interest in Harmony by combining the large scale (the cosmos) with the small (how we live as individuals), the global (climate change) and the local (our environment and communities).

richard dunne harmony book cover

Richard DunneHarmony: A new way of looking at and Learning about Our World: A Teachers Guide

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Richard Dunne is the headmaster of a primary school (teaching children aged 4 to 6) in the UK. This book documents his application of the principles of Harmony to practical teaching.

The harmony Debates

The Harmony DebatesWelcome to the recording of the launch of The Harmony Debates, 22 October 2020.

Published by the Sophia Centre Press in partnership with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and the Sustainable Food Trust

With Nick Campion, Jane Davidson, Tony Juniper, Rupert Sheldrake, Sneha Roy, Toto Gill, Mark Goyder, Richard Dunne, Mike Durke, M.A.Rashed, Luci Attala, Leo Downer and Caroline Lohmann-Hancock.