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Ms Heather Fish BA (Hons), MA, Cert Ed, PG Cert

Lecturer: Mindfulness and Well-being

Tel: 01267-676686
E-mail: h.fish@uwtsd.ac.uk

Programme Director, Post Graduate Certificate in Mindfulness and Well-being for Professional Practitioners.

Providing support on mindfulness to colleagues and students.  Delivered four eight-week courses to students in west Wales in 2018 and 2019.

Mindfulness practitioner, teacher and lecturer with a background in work-based learning.  Developed the first workplace mindfulness module in the UK in 2013 as part of the EU-funded Elevate Cymru project.  Previous roles include:

  • Deputy Academic Manager, GWLAD project.
  • Tutor, Elevate Cymru.
  • Programme Director, Skills for the Workplace
  • Lecturer/Workforce Development Fellow, Wales Institute for Work-based Learning.

Workplace mindfulness, mindfulness in schools, mindful compassion and culture, mindfulness and social change, mindfulness and student mental health.

Mindfulness and compassion as instruments of social change.

Expert advisor on workplace mindfulness to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Mindfulness (MAPPG), workplace section

Part of a small group contributing to a – potential – mindfulness strategy for Wales, involving the Office of the First Minister and senior civil servants.

Contributed a case study to the ground-breaking Mindful Nation UK report in 2015, by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Mindfulness (MAPPG)

As part of the Wales Mindfulness Network, exploring the possibility of business development through the formation of a formal legal identity.

As part of Mindfulness in Action, co-developed the Mindfulness for Education Leadership 8-week course, piloted though the National Association for Education Leadership.


Wilson, E., Reynolds, E., Washington, R., Fish, H., Davies, C. Harris, L.M. (2016) ‘Claiming a Space for the Work-based Learner Voice: Enabling or silencing the learner voice’ in Closing the Gap: Bridges for Access and Lifelong Learning eds. Hill, Hudson, Mckendry, Raven, Saunders, Storan and Ward.

Conference Presentations, Papers and Reports

Pearson, L. and Fish, H. (2019) ‘Mindfulness programme:  a proactive approach to mental health provision’ in Higher Education Funding Council for Wales Higher Education for a Healthy Nation:  Student well-being and health.

Pearson, L. and Fish, H. (2019) Mindfulness – a proactive approach to mental health provision at UWTSD.  Presentation at Cathedrals Groups and Universities of the Anglican Communion Joint Symposium Improving Student Mental Health.

Fish, H. (2016) Secular Mindfulness – Impacts and Research.  Presentation at RERC Research Seminar (Spirituality and Health) Lampeter, 20th April 2016.

Fish, H. Locock, M. (2016) Mainstreaming sustainability in work-based learning at UWTSD. Presentation at the NEXUS Conference 23 March 2016.

Fish, H. (2016) Mindfulness for Students and Staff – the Research Evidence and Challenges.  Presentation at UWTSD Student Services Conference, Carmarthen, 2016

Wilson, E., Reynolds, E., Washington, R., Fish, H., Davies, C.. Harris, L.M. (2015) Claiming a Space for the Work-based Learner Voice: Enabling or silencing the learner voice. Presentation at the FACE Conference 2nd July 2015. 

Fish, H. (2015)  The Workplace Mindfulness Module at UWTSD.  Presentation at UALL Conference Making the Lifelong Learning University a Reality.  Glasgow, 13 March 2015.

Fish, H.  (2014)  Mindfulness and the Work-based Learner:  European Projects.  Presentation at Europe Day conference.  6 May 2014.

  • Member of the Wales Mindfulness Network.
  • Organised the 2018 All Wales Mindfulness Networking Conference in Lampeter, 2018.
  • Co-organised the 2019 All Wales Mindfulness Networking Conference in Cardiff, 2019.  Keynote speaker:  the First Minister of Wales