Manufacturing Students at work

At UWTSD, we work in partnership with Industrial experts and Professionals to enhance our offer of learning opportunities for both students and staff. Recognising individuals within industry through our Honorary Professors of Practice award is one way that we secure avenues for knowledge and skills sharing.

Professor of Practice framework

Our Honorary Professor of Practice framework offers opportunities for Professional and Industrial experts to pass on their subject knowledge to our students and ‘give back’ back to the communities they serve.

It is not a remunerated position, but it is an opportunity to make a difference in our students’ journey and transform lives. Our Professor of Practice contribution enables students and staff to learn, grow and ‘pay it forward’ to the community.

Honorary Professors of Practice are nominated by a senior member (Dean or above) of the University staff.  The nomination follows a thorough scrutiny process that ensures appropriate standards are upheld in appointing the nominee for the Professor of Practice role.

Our current bank of Professors of Practice covers many aspects of the strategic work, and their representation is specifically aligned with the University’s strategic priorities.

List of Current Honorary Professors of Practice
No Title First Name Surname Institute / Profession Service
1 Professor Wang Aimin WISA
2 Dr Abdulraham Alzaagy IEH
3 Professor Neil Barron WISA
4 Mr Martin Bates IEH
5 Sir Peter Blake WISA
6 Dr Scott Boldt VC
7 Mr Paul Byard WISA
8 Professor David Cadman IEH/ INSPIRE/ HARMONY
9 Mr Andrew Cambell IMH
10 Mr Ian Cooper WISA
11 Mr John Darlington IEH
12 Ms Juliet Davenport IEH/ INSPIRE/ HARMONY
13 Dr Chris Davies WISA
14 Ms Nicola Davies WISA
15 Professor Peter Davies CBE, OBE. IEH/ INSPIRE/ HARMONY
16 Mr Steve Davies IEH
17 Professor Wendy Dearing WISA
18 Revd Dr Jeremy Duff IEH
19 Mr Richard Dunne VC
20 Mr John Edwards WISA
21 Mr Mark Eley WISA
22 Mr Alan Ereira IEH
23 Mr Paul Everson IEH
24 Dr Richard Granville WISA
25 Mr Andrew Griffiths IMH
26 Dr Hazel Hagger IEH
27 Dr Rhydian Harries WISA
28 Mr Christopher Hawker IMH
29 Professor Louise Hayward IEH
30 Ms Deborah Heenan IMH
31 Mr Chris Hopkins WISA / WIDI
32 Mr John Iley WISA
33 Ms Lisa Isherwood IEH  
34 Professor Uzo Iwobi OBE IEH
35 Mr Tony Juniper IEH/ INSPIRE/ HARMONY
36 Mr Saleem Asghar Kidwai OBE IEH 
37 Professor David Kirby IEH/ INSPIRE/ HARMONY
38 Dr Sneh Khemka IMH
39 Mr Maldwyn Lloyd Pope WISA
40 Professor Jan Koen Lomans WISA
41 Mr Chris Loyn WISA
42 Ms Karen MacKinnon WISA
43 Mr Domonic McVey WISA
44 Mr Steve Moore IMH
45 Dr John Morgan-Guy Vice Chancellor’s Office
46 Dr Dennis O'Neill CBE IEH
47 Dr Nicholas Ossei-Gerning WISA
48 Professor Stephen Palmer IMH
49 Dr Neil Pearson WISA
50 Mr Peter Polydor FBM
51 Dr Daryl Powell WISA
52 Mr Mark Rees WISA
54 Ms Jenni Spencer-Davies WISA
55 Professor Peter Stevens WISA
56 Mr Edward Thomas WISA
57 Mr Mark Thomas WISA
58 Ms Helen Thomas IMH
59 Professor Meena Upadhyaya IMH
60 Mr Michael John Waters IEH
61 Ms Jan White IEH
62 Mr Julian Williams IMH
63 Mr Roger Williams WISA
64 MBE Kim Ann Williamson IMH
65 Ms Jen Wilson WISA
66 Emeritus Professor John Wood   WISA
67 Mr Simon Wright WISA
68 Dr Nianbo Wu IEH

Nomination Pack

If the nomination is successful, candidates will receive formal confirmation along with a certificate. All Professors of Practice are allocated a liaison officer to support their time with the University. Over the initial three-year term, Professors of Practice will be expected to complete a minimum of three engagement opportunities per year as part of the role. The dedicated liaison officer will help plan this to maximise impact.