Why Study Religion at UWTSD?

Understandably, Religion and Theology are deeply embedded in the University's history. There is a long tradition of excellence in teaching as well as a distinguished reputation in scholarship, research and publication. While rooted in an area which is rich in religious heritage, out programmes encompass a variety of topics which provide insights into the religious diversity of the twenty-first century world.

Modules are designed to stimulate curiosity about, and fascination for, the variety of religious cultures across the globe and to open up a greater awareness of the considerable pluarlity within religious traditions and in the world at large.

Students will have the opportunity to visit places of worship and other sites of significance for the study of religion, as well as the chance to engage, at first-hand, with multiple cultures and religions.

Our Course on the Lampeter Campus

Single Honours
BA Religious Studies

Integrated Masters 
MArts Religious Studies
MArts Theology

Joint Honours
BA Religious Studies and Theology
BA Religious Studies and Anthropology
BA Chinese Studies and Religious Studies
BA Classical Studies and Religious Studies
BA Religious Studies and Philosophy
BA Religious Studies and Heritage Studies

BA Religious Studies with Applied Psychology
BA Religious Studies with Heritage Management
BA Religious Studies with Education Studies

Combined Honours
BA Religious Studies, Classical Studies, Education Studies
BA Religious Studies, Ancient History, Education Studies
BA Anthropology Religious Studies Education Studies
BA Religious Studies, Philosophy, Education Studies
BA Religion, Ethics and Applied Psychology
BA Religion, Philosophy and Ethics
BA Religion, Theology and Ethics
BA Religion, Theology and Philosophy

One-year Graduate Diploma
Graduate Diploma in Bible and Theology

BA Theology and Classical Studies
BA Theology and History
BA Theology and Philosophy
BA Theology and Heritage Studies
BA Theology with Heritage Management
BA Theology with Education Studies

We also offer a number of postgraduate programmes including:

MA Biblical Interpretation
MA Islamic Studies
MA Study of Religions
MTh Christian Theology
MTh Church History
MRes Biblical Interpretation
MRes Islamic Studies
MRes Religious Experience
MRes Study of Religions

It is also possible to have MPhil and PhD supervision. We invite you to spend a few minutes searching this website for the course that is best suited for you.