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Humanities Masterclasses

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UWTSD is proud to be presenting a new offer of a range of residential weekend and evening courses for 2018! The courses on offer are exciting and will appeal to a range of different audiences, covering new subject areas such as yoga, meditation and well-being, alongside our more traditional humanities courses and disciplines which are for the first time being offered in new and different ways.

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Lampeter is committed to lifelong learning and education for all. Regardless of age and background, whether you are retired or in full-time employment, studying for reasons of career development or simply for the pleasure of learning, then studying the Humanities in all their breadth and sweep should be available to all. In other words Lampeter offers many different types of course from which you can choose. These range from weekly workshops, evening courses and study at a distance, occasional or ‘drop in’ lectures, weekend workshops, day courses, larger academic conferences and weekend fieldtrips. The choice is up to you.

Residential Weekends

For 2018 UWTSD Lampeter is launching a range of new weekend residential or non-residential courses to take advantage of our beautiful location, the stunning local countryside and the quiet and historic campus. All weekend courses include Dinner, Bed and Breakfast accommodation on the Friday and Saturday nights and lunch on the Saturdays. It is also possible to join these weekend courses without the accommodation option if you are a local resident or wish to stay in another location. The prices for each option are included in the below. All weekend courses will follow a similar schedule with the activities on the Saturdays and Sundays varying per course outline.

One Day Interactive Humanities Workshops

There is a new range of Humanities “Taster” Workshops on offer during this year. These will offer participants the chance to engage in fascinating day-long workshops in a range of topical humanities subjects. The workshops will run once a month and will be interactive and accessible.

Well-being courses

We are also launching a range of new Well-being courses this year, including Mindfulness and wellbeing evening courses, and well-being, meditation and yoga retreats.

To see the type of courses and workshops we offer, as well as the range of subject areas and topics you can study please do download the Brochure below.

We are in the process of developing more courses and workshops too, so please do not hesitate to get in touch to receive updates.

If you would like to find out more about any of the courses, conferences or talks included in the brochure, or to receive updates on the Lampeter Masterclasses please do not hesitate to contact:

01570 424723

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