Here at UWTSD we are innovative and creative, we teach our students to seek out problems, find opportunities to solve them and make things happen.

In the world around us, everything is changing continually, so we need to re-assess norms, express ideas and adapt. It takes a creative mind, but what about protecting and advancing our ideas, how do we do that? 

There are a range of intellectual property rights (IP) trademarks, patents, designs and copyright designed to ensure that innovators are rewarded for their endeavours.

These can also help us to ensure that we do not infringe the rights of others.

Understanding is essential to success and as Industries that understand and use Intellectual Property Rights intensively account for 1 in 3 jobs in Europe, you might want to know a little more too?

To make it easier there are some great resources out there, some of which UWTSD expertise helped to develop, so why not take a look and see where and how an understanding of IP could advance your career and ideas?

‘Making Life Better Through IP’

Student and graduate thoughts from World IP Day 2016