Immersive Rooms

Harness the power of the LED immersive suites to provide a captivating and engaging experience. The multi-use suites can provide scenario-driven “Metaverse” experiences. It's like stepping inside a giant VR headspace – except you can get whole groups inside!

We are investing £1.5 million into innovative, state-of-the-art virtual reality rooms, providing our students and partners with world leading learning spaces which transform education.

Work is underway for 2 new learning spaces which utilize 17m LEDs across 3 walls creating a fully immersive user experience.

Once complete, in April 2023, these learning spaces will allow our students and partners to experience 360videos, custom applications, through a variety of software including Microsoft and Google Applications.

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Simulated Environment

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Enhancing Education

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VR/XR Experiences

VR / AR / MR


We are pioneering Extended Reality (XR), the same principles of immersive experience which underpin Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are powering our XR experiences.

Experience a universe with no limitations, exploration, and an ever-expanding catalogue of ways to learn, develop and socialise.

Turn your classes, meeting or any work activity into a XR experience for more engaging of staff and students.

With the capability of XR technology, anyone can enjoy the immersive experience when set in a virtual world

Motion Capture - Rokoko

Effortlessly create and animate your characters using a Rokoko SmartSuit Pro II motion capture suit.

The Rokoko motion capture suit is designed to work in sync for full body mocap recordings using the Smartsuit Pro, Smart gloves, and Face Capture.

The Mocap suit will capture body, finger, and facial animations in a single performance.

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Transforming Learning & Teaching

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Community Use

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Commercial Use

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IDNS are proud to be delivering the first LED immersive space in Wales at the University of Wales Trinity St David. By delivering the 16-metre immersive space using the latest Samsung LED technology, visitors will have a visual and sensory experience brought to life through unparalleled visuals and immaculate detail.

This ground-breaking development sparks a new era in collaboration and engagement at the university and is a testament to their forward-thinking approach to using digital technologies that enhance the learning experience.

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Igloo Vision are proud to have worked alongside University of Wales Trinity St David, IDNS and Samsung to deliver the first LED immersive space in Wales. Using Igloo Vision's immersive software and the latest Samsung LED technology, the space will offer engaging experiences for staff, students and visitors.

An Igloo immersive space is a bit like stepping into a giant VR headset - except you can get whole groups inside. Igloo designs and develops the technology that can make any space an immersive one. Any kind of digital content, including immersive virtual reality, 360° videos and images and daily office tools can be shared with whole groups in one of these spaces, so University of Wales Trinity St David has unlimited opportunities for what it can do with its Immersive Room.

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