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We've been welcoming students from the USA to study on our campuses for many years. Whether it is for a semester abroad or for full Undergraduate or Graduate Programmes we look forward to welcoming you!

Employers in the USA and around the world recognise the value of a UK education.

Once you have decided on a course that you wish to study with us, you need to check that you meet our standard entry requirements and English language requirements.

If you are still studying at your school or university you do not have to wait until you have finished your current course to apply to the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

We can make you a conditional offer based on the results you expect to achieve.

How to Apply

Students can apply to the University directly, we will help you through the applications process.

Apply online

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Student Experience

Student Experience

"You grow up so much when you study abroad...when you board a plane alone for the first time when you leave everything you ever know when you make that decision. It sounds scary, but it's so worth it. And I'm so glad I picked Wales. Everyone at UWTSD is so involved. They really love Wales and they want to share it with you. All of their weekend trips are spectacular. Also, don't forget to explore the rest of Europe on your spring break or take an impromptu trip to Scotland here and there. It'll be worth it, I promise"! 

Ashley J Woods, USA, California State University at Fullerton (BA Acting)

What our Students Say

Ana Martin, South Carolina - Psychology Major

"I have gained so many wonderful experiences while studying abroad; I have come to call Wales ‘home’."

Marie Vernon - Study Abroad, North Carolina - Art Major

"Studying in Wales was a special and magical experience that I wouldn't have given up for anything. I was so lucky to meet many kind people, and right from the first, I felt that I really belonged to the community.
My experience in Wales really made me grow, and, even after I leave, it will remain part of me forever"

Mattie Lanham, Ohio - Education Major

"Wales has found a special place in my heart, I'll never forget the memories I've made and the people that I've met. The students and staff at UWTSD have helped guide and support me through this amazing life experience and I couldn't be more thankful".

Entry Requirements

For entry to all our programmes, you will need to demonstrate that your qualifications meet the University’s entry requirements.

When making admissions decisions, UWTSD uses a holistic review process, taking a variety of factors into account including your personal statement, letter of reference, extracurricular activities, test scores and some academic grades. All of this can be discussed in your interview.

In some programmes portfolios or an audition are also required.

  • These are general guidelines only and exact requirements will vary from subject to subject.
  • All applications are assessed on an individual basis.  
  • For all our programmes, applicants will need to satisfy the University's English language requirements.
  • All academic qualifications must be from recognised institutions.

English Language

Acceptable Evidence of English Language Proficiency: (Majority English-speaking countries) Applicants may automatically satisfy the English language entry requirements of the University for academic study for all courses if they are native English speakers through citizenship of the USA.

For further information please visit English Language Entry Requirements.

For all programmes of study.

  • Confirmation that you are a national of the USA and that you have achieved Grade C or above in English in the High School Diploma
  • Production of a valid passport must accompany all applications

Undergraduate Programmes

  • Applicant to produce result from ACT or the SAT
  • A SAT combined score of 1100 or above (550+ in each section)
  • American College Testing (ACT) with a minimum of 22.
  • Two advanced placement (AP) tests in relevant subjects with grades 3 or above.
  • High School Full Diploma with a GPA of 2.9 or above and certified transcripts must accompany all applications

Degree completion

    • Applicants transferring from community college, or another university are assessed on an individual basis
    • Students who have successfully completed a 2-year Associate Degree or Professional Diploma at an institution such as a community college can be considered for advanced entry to the 2nd or final year of a relevant degree programme
    • portfolio of work - hardcopy or digital - is required for all applications to Art and Design courses
    • Interviews, portfolios, auditions may be required for some courses

Postgraduate Programmes

You must have one of the following:

  • Bachelor degree
  • First Professional Degree

A full transcript must accompany applications

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Contact our International Team

If you require more information please contact:

International Recruitment Unit