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The Institute of Sustainable Practice, Innovation and Resource Effectiveness (INSPIRE), directed by Dr Jane Davidson, was launched in January 2012, and has developed cross-institutional activity in 2013 and 2014.  The University's Strategic Plan‌ makes the commitment of the University clear through key performance indicators to embed sustainability as a core principle across all aspects of the University.

The University has been working alongside other universities across the UK through the Higher Education Academy's Green Academy programme to embed sustainability within its core operations and culture.  Our ‘fit for the future’ framework aims to embed sustainable development through our curriculum, campus, community and culture.

Through INSPIRE we aim to:

  • develop curriculum-related delivery to ensure that our students are provided with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will equip them for their future contribution to the economy, community and environment;
  • develop our campuses to the highest standards of environmental performance
  • contribute to our communities by giving particular regard to issues of sustainable rural communities and the development of south-west Wales as a low carbon region
  • develop a research and innovation capacity focused on the core strengths of the University.