External Friends, Partners and Useful Links

Size of Wales

"Size of Wales aims to bring everyone in Wales together to help sustain an area of tropical forest the size of Wales as part of a national response to climate change." - read more

Guardian Higher Education

The Guardian Higher Education Network:  "Advice, insight and best practice from the Community"  - learn more

Miller Research logo

"Miller Research (UK) Ltd is a specialist consultancy working to create and support sustainable communities across the United Kingdom, through innovative work in sustainable regenerationsocial and economic research and evaluation for a wide range of clients, mainly in the public sector." - find out more

The Democracy and Sustainability Platform is about sharing ideas and actions in order to re-shape democracy so that it becomes a powerful source for sustainability.  It’s for people and organisations around the world who care about democracy, and who want to find ways to ensure that everyone lives in a healthy environment and in a world that is fair for people now and in the future." - read more.
The Manifesto for Democracy & Sustainability

The National Botanic Garden of Wales is dedicated to the research and conservation of biodiversity, to sustainability, lifelong learning and the enjoyment of the visitor. It has built the world’s largest single spanned glasshouse, designed by Lord Foster, that has the best display of mediterranean climate zone plants in the Northern hemisphere. The garden has over 8000 different plant varieties, spread across 560 acres of the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside.  GROWING THE FUTURE/TYFU'R DYFODOL is a project managed by the Botanic Garden of Wales offering courses dedicated to helping you grow your own nutritious food with courses being run across Wales.

Cynnal Cymru-Sustain Wales is Wales' leading development and networking organisation working with people, businesses and communities across all sectors and throughout Wales, to develop sustainable thinking and leadership across a broad range of issues - from climate change to economy, fair trade to health.

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