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Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee focuses on what the University and its community are doing to promote sustainability and considers what more could be done. In addition, there are designated Sustainability Link Contacts in every School and Support Unit.

All members of the University, both staff and students, are invited to contribute either virtually or in person. Meetings will normally be held once per term on each of the campuses. These meetings allow members to propose and discuss new ideas and ongoing projects and provide a platform for the University to host speakers and presenters from sustainability-related fields across the UK and beyond. Members can suggest potential speakers using 'VocalEyes'.

VocalEyes‌'VocalEyes' is an exciting new web platform which enables students and staff to have the opportunity to have their voices heard and to engage with the University's mission to become more sustainable. Users can propose ideas and comment or rate others' contributions. Staff, students and members of the public can also make suggestions and/or proposals via the INSPIRE directorate.

All meetings are held using video conferencing with translation facilities. The Sustainability Committee papers are distributed electronically and each meeting is operated as paperless meetings. Access to papers for people outside the University can sometimes be arranged by negotiation with the clerk to the Sustainability Committee.

Dates for all of the Sustainability Committee meetings for the current Academic year can be found in the Academic Calendar list