Sustainable Development and the Well-being of Future Generations Certificate

The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act of 2015 is the first of its kind in the World, where the Well-being of Future Generations is considered at the heart of Welsh Government decision making. In the Act, Sustainable Development means the process of improving the economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being of Wales by taking actions, aimed at achieving seven well-being goals.

The certificate has been led by Dr Carolyn Hayles, Academic Lead for INSPIRE and developed by a team of academics from the University including; Gwenllian Beynon, Sandra Dettmer, Caroline Lewis, Stephanie Meyer, Tania Davies, Dr Nicola Welton and Dr Carolyn Hayles.

Available to any student or staff member interested in understanding more about Sustainable Development and the WFGA, the shape and delivery of the Certificate has been devised for on-line learning and is similar to the delivery model used when developing content for a MOOC. There are 8 ten-minute videos describing the Sustainable Development or Well-being Goals (including 1 introductory session). Each unit comes with further reading, case studies, websites resources, a quiz and questions for the online discussion forum.

The certificate can be found on moodle under ‘INSPIRE: Sustainable Development and the Well-being of Future Generations’.  

Please enrol by Sunday 18th February 2018.