INSPIRE Internships

Student Services and INSPIRE are able to offer a number of exciting internship opportunities for HE students across our campuses. The internships on offer fall under three categories - Fairtrade, Energy, Green Impact and INSPIRE website support.

Interns will be expected to work both independently and as teams, meeting regularly with INSPIRE staff and with one another. All interns will be encouraged to be dynamic, creative and to forge links with the student body and relevant external groups.

Funding is available for a new set of interns to be recruited every academic year. This successful arrangement was first agreed at the Sustainability Committee during 2014 and is reassessed on an annual basis. To apply for an INSPIRE internship please contact us.

Informal queries to the INSPIRE directorate email address – contact us. Formal deadlines are by the end of September every year.

There will be one Fairtrade internship opportunity on each campus and each will automatically become a member of the University’s Fairtrade steering group.  Fairtrade interns will be appointed to promote Fairtrade and develop our commitment to Fairtrade activity, through organising and hosting events and boosting student involvement. Each Fairtrade intern will automatically become a member of the University’s Fairtrade steering group with a view to assisting with the restoring and maintaining of the University’s Fairtrade status.

This role will have a strong focus on planning Fairtrade Fortnight, which takes place at the end of February or beginning of March each year. As part of this, the intern will arrange events and other activities to encourage students to engage and follow a Fairtrade culture by thinking about the sources of their products. Interns will be encouraged to foster links with external groups such as local Fairtrade societies and other Universities as this will provide for a sources of best practice and idea sharing. Applicants with creative ideas for entrenching and promoting a Fairtrade ethos in the University and beyond will be particularly welcome.

The NUS Green Impact scheme is an accreditation programme that aims to reward institutions for making small changes, both to their operations and infrastructure, which lessen their environmental impacts. A successful Students’ Union is given a Bronze, Silver or Gold award depending on how many of the criteria they meet.

Each campus has an intern who works to acquire accreditation for that particular branch of the UWTSD Students’ Union, although the official accreditation is given to the Union as a whole. It is a project management role, designed for the intern to assist the Union’s staff and sabbatical officers in achieving an award.

The Green Impact intern will work closely with the Students’ Union on their campus, the NUS, and other Green Impact interns to attain either a Silver or Gold award, building upon a previous Bronze award.

Green Impact internships may have more of an operational and organisational focus than the other opportunities as they will be working to the criteria of an external body. This makes them valuable opportunities for students to advance their project management skills. Green Impact interns will be able to deepen their understanding of environmental issues and play an active role in making their University greener.

This internship will primarily focus on two major events: Blackout and Student Switch Off.

Blackout is an energy focused event, which will take place around the mid November across all three campuses. It will involve targeting several buildings on campus and taking a team of staff and students throughout each building to turn off lights and appliances, auditing as they go. This exercise will enable us to determine the amount of energy that could be saved were these changes made each evening and weekend.

The intern will assist in planning this event, the training, and overseeing that the event runs smoothly on the night. The intern will gain experience in event planning and working on a project which promotes energy conservation.

Student Switch Off is a campaign targeted at students in residence halls, promoting energy conservation throughout the year.  Kicking off in October, it involves engaging with students through competitions which occur on Facebook. The intern will get involved with promoting these behaviour changes by acting as an NUS Student Switch Off Ambassador, which also offers a letter of recommendation from the NUS and a chance to be entered in a prize draw for Eurostar tickets.

There will be many opportunities to focus on this campaign, as well as other aspects of energy conservation, during Go Green Week, a weeklong event focused on promoting environmental behaviour change and environmental awareness and held the second week of February each year. Previous events have included guest speakers, a beach clean, an art show which showcased recycled clothing, and a green fair. The intern will be encouraged to put forth their own ideas and contribute to the design the events during the week.

The role of the internship is to maintain the INSPIRE blog by regularly updating it with blog posts from the other 9 INSPIRE interns and adding information about Fairtrade, energy savings, and ways UWTSD is promoting sustainability.  The intern will work with the other 9 interns to develop it consistently throughout the year as well as the Sustainability Engagement Officer, who will feed in relevant information.  In addition, this intern will be tasked with creating promotional materials, such as posters, for sustainability events throughout the year for use by the other interns.