Hi all

My name is Esther Wangari Kangau, Kenya by birth a UK resident.

I am the returned Fairtrade intern in Wales University Lampeter campus.

Very happy to be given work for another year.

Why Am I passionate of Fairtrade? I grow up working as a child labour in a western ownership coffee plantation and was paid less than a pound for the whole month. Yet I worked like a donkey. We all suffered a lot of chemical spray poison. My entire family money was not enough to feed us all properly and most of the time we slept hungry.

Now we have over caddo but no buyers. The rich get richer but its the poorer farmers and their families that we need to help with Fairtrade.

My aim is to see Fairtrade reaching the poor farmers who grow their food and then watch it looted.

I also want to raise awareness to all students and staffs.

I welcome your ideas and contributions on how we can be the voice of the voiceless and reach the unreachable.

I have a career background in international business development at international organisations such as UK Trade and Investment.  I am currently completing my MBA course at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.  With the Fairtrade internship, I hope to retain the UWTSD’s Fairtrade status, raise awareness of Fairtrade among the university’s students and staff and contribute to supporting Fairtrade measures nationally and internationally on behalf of the UWTSD.

Hello! My name is Kaura Stephens and I am the new Fairtrade intern on the Carmarthen Campus for this academic year.  I am originally from Swansea, although I moved into student accommodation for my final undergraduate year. I am currently studying towards a BSC in Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle and I am excited to promote the principles of Fairtrade within the campus and in general raise awareness of a cause that I am personally passionate about! By participating in this internship, I hope to encourage all those involved within the University  to help achieve a recognised Fairtrade status, and to also gain some valuable experience within this area. The prospect of working closely with other interns is also very exciting, I hope to aid with the promotion of the sustainability efforts within the campus and hopefully helping to make the campus a greener environment for all!

Hello my name is Laura and I am the new Energy Intern for the Lampeter campus. I am a mature student studying a joint honours in Anthropology & Medieval Studies. Prior to this I worked full time as a Travel Agent and was lucky enough to visit some beautiful places! Being an energy intern is very important to me as it allows me to explore ways to save energy by hopefully getting people to embrace small changes which in turn will become habits for big changes! I am hoping this experience will help me embrace becoming more involved in projects and developing my leadership skills.

My name is Reem Al-Shaibani and I am from Yemen. Yemen is located in The Middle East South Saudi Arabia. Living in my country throughout my life taught me how to live without electricity for a long period of time from a week to a month or more.  Therefore making me feel more appreciative of the energy provided to us and have the fear of losing it. I am currently a second year student in Business and Finance. My aim to get out from this internship is to know more ways to save energy and extend my knowledge. Also build my confidence in believing the ideas I come up with and put them through progress. As well as improving my communication skills and team work with other members.  I also hope through this experience that I will able to leave influence on other students in the way energy is used in their everyday life. In addition to showing them that little things that we do in our daily routine can save us a lot of money and energy in the future. Helping also my university in being more sustainable and contributing to it is one of my big aims in order to drive us to the best in the future.  

I’m Stefanie Turner, 4th year integrated masters student who studies creative writing, a passion I’ve held since I was a child.

I grew up in Leeds with my brothers and sister and moved to Gamlingay, in Cambridgeshire when I was 14 to live with my dad and two of my other brothers. I was 16 when I started to get involved in student life in my 6th form, involving myself in everything from a council meeting to leading a business venture with my fellow business students, which led to winning awards and invaluable experience.

From the Go Green internship I hope to help make Lampeter campus greener and bring it up to the highest standard asked for by the NUS green scheme. We deserve to be awarded Gold, and I want to be a part of making that happen. The experiences with help me with day to day life, hopefully making my carbon foot print smaller.

My name is Rowan Davies, I am 22 years old and in my final year at University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Swansea school of business and hospitality.

I am doing a bachelors degree in Tourism Management. I am honoured to be a part of the Inspire internship.

My goal is to share my ideas and to learn more about environmental impacts within UWTSD and hopefully encourage others to get involved and spread the word.