Sustainable Development in Wales

The following links are documents that we would like to share:

As part of our work at INSPIRE, we like to keep others informed of what is going on in the world of sustainability with Wales and share anything that we have found useful.

 The following links are documents that we would like to share:

Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act

The purpose of the Act is to strengthen existing governance arrangements for improving the well-being of Wales to ensure that present needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

White Paper: A Sustainable Wales - Better Choices for a Better Future

Consultation paper explaining the Welsh Government's plans for legislation to place a Sustainable Development duty on some organisations in Wales and to create a new, independent, Sustainable Development body.

Consultation on Proposals for a Sustainable Development Bill

Published May 2012.  See here for case studies and responses.

One Wales, One Planet: The Sustainable Development Scheme of the Welsh Government

The Welsh' government's vision for a Sustainable Wales, published in 2009.

Cynnal Cymru is a sustainable development networking organisation supported by the Welsh Government. Access the site here

"Living in the Future "

In early 2013, Director of INSPIRE Jane Davidson chaired the discussion following the multi-cinema premiere of 'Living in the Future', a documentary by Undercurrents' co-founder Helen Iles. 

The 50-minute film tells the story of the Lammas community, the UK's first planned eco-village in Pembrokeshire. 

Undercurrents' series of short films about ecovillage pioneers in Wales and beyond is available here.

"One Planet Life"

In November 2014 Routledge/Earthscan published "One Planet Life" by David Thorpe with an introduction by Jane Davidson. More details can be found here.