Lampeter Interfaith Conference

Practicing what is Preached: Practices of Justice in a Multi-faith Context

Lampeter Interfaith Conference

Lampeter, Wales, U.K. | 4-5 July 2019

The Centre for Interfaith Studies at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David is a forum that brings together academics and religious leaders to engage in critical reflection on interfaith studies and interfaith work.

Following on from the successful Third Annual Lampeter Interfaith Symposium in 2018, we are happy to announce that the theme for 2019 will be: “Practicing what is Preached: Practices of Justice in a Multi-faith Context”. Religious and spiritual commitments often drive human beings to engage in social action, promote justice, to be politically engaged, and to care for animals and the environment.


In this conference we aim to address questions such as:

What from within religious traditions motivates people to engage in these activities?

In what ways are such commitments and responsibilities concretely expressed in practice?

In what ways do faith communities seek to work together on matters of common interest?


The list of speakers will be announced later. 


Religious leaders from different faith traditions offer reflections on their perspectives on interfaith encounter. What can a member of the Jewish community, for example, learn from someone who adheres to a Hindu perspective? Where do we see overlap and where do we differ in our approaches?

Dr. Jeremy Smith – Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at UWTSD
Rabbi Monique Mayer – Cardiff and Bristol Synagogues
Prof. Saleem Kidwai – Muslim Council of Wales
Reverend Dr Taikyo (David) Morgans – Buddhist Council of Wales
Swami Suryananda – Representative of the Skanda Vale, a multifaith-ashram
The Revd Canon Enid R Morgan, Church of Wales

An address will be given by the Venerable Master Chin Kung, Pure Land Buddhist Educational Foundation.

When we think of interfaith encounters, we often think of dialogue. But aesthetics, art and visual items evoke many thoughts and reflections and can contribute to interfaith communication in a unique way. What can we learn, for example, when a Muslim and a Buddhist look at the same image or artistic representation?

Dr. Alana Vincent – Senior lecturer in Jewish Studies University of Chester
Dr. Martin Crampin – Research Fellow, The Cult of Saints in Wales, Centre for Advanced  Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales
Rachel Parker – Lecturer in Wellbeing and Mindfulness at UWTSD
Professor Bettina Schmidt, Professor for the Study of Religions, UWTSD
Mr Guy Hordern MBE - Chair of the Birmingham Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education

In addition to dialogue and visual aspects of spirituality, we can also share religious contemplative rituals and practices. How do different traditions contemplate their faith? And what role does prayer play in religious traditions as they enter into dialogue with each other?

Presentation by the Harmony Professional Doctorate students, Faculty of Humanities, UWTSD.

Prof. Graham Harvey –Professor of Religious Studies at the Open University
Prof. Kajsa Ahlstrand – Professor of Theology, Church and Mission Studies, World Christianity and Interreligious studies at Uppsala University, Sweden
Dr. Angus Slater – Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies at UWTSD
Mr Tim Llewellyn Ihssen – Professional Doctorate student in Interfaith Studies at UWTSD

Our spiritual life sometimes needs some nurturing. How can we do this? In this session, we will explore counselling, coming closer to nature, and neurobiology as ways to enhance spiritual well-being. The session is organised in collaboration with the Religious Experience Research Centre and the Alister Hardy Trust.

Prof. William West - Visiting Professor at the University of Chester and Honorary Senior Research Fellow in Counselling Studies at the University of Manchester
Mr Mark Seed - Children’s services consultant at Child’s World
Dr Brenda Llewellyn Ihssen - Lecturer in Religion in Antiquity at UWTSD
Ms Jayne Timmins - Psychotherapist and counselling supervisor 

A brief introduction to the new Centre for Wellbeing and Mindfulness at UWTSD.

On this final day of the symposium we focus on the context of Wales. What are the distinctives of Welsh faith and spirituality, and what does interfaith encounter mean in Wales and from a Welsh perspective? This final day will close with a friendship dinner which is open to all conference participants organized and sponsored by the Academy of Sinology, Ching Kung Foundation.

Prof. Wayne Morris - Head of Theology and Religious Studies and Associate Dean of Humanities, University of Chester
Dr. Abdul-Azim Ahmed – Assistant Secretary General Muslim Council of Wales
Dr. Wendy Dossett - Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, University of Chester
Reverend Dr Taikyo (David) Morgans – Buddhist Council of Wales
Ms. Amira Bahadur-Kutkut - Chaplain, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Rev. Dr. Noel Davies - Formerly General Secretary of Cytun and retired Congregationalist minister
Revd. Aled Edwards - General Secretary of Cytun