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UWTSD Semester Abroad Handbook

Please note that study abroad is only open to students enrolled directly with the University on the Carmarthen, Swansea, Lampeter and Cardiff campuses and is not available to students enrolled via our collaborative partner institutions.

Study Abroad is open to students studying either a BA or BSc degree in many of the degree programmes at UWTSD. We have links in the USA, Canada, China (Chinese studies) and Europe (through the Erasmus programme).

Approval to study abroad is subject to school and Global Education Unit admission procedures.

Deadlines to apply:

For Autumn 2019 (Semester 1 - You must apply by January 31st 2019)

for Spring 2029 (Semester 2 - You must apply by March 31st 2019)

Study Abroad Application Form

Where can I go?

School of Performing Arts (Carmarthen) 

BA Perffomio (Cardiff)

School of Early Childhood

School of Psychology (Swansea and Carmarthen)


School of Sport, Health and Outdoor Education

School of Business (Swansea and Carmarthen)


School of Social Justice and Inclusion

Faculty of Art and Design




Faculty of Humanities and Performing Arts – Lampeter campus options




To Apply

To apply, please disucss with your academic school in the first instance.

Executive Intenational Officer, Kath Griffiths

Tel: 07770998595
E-mail: k.griffiths@uwtsd.ac.uk

If you have an application to hand in please address it to: Kath Griffiths, Executive International Officer, Carmarthen Campus. SA31 3EP

What do I do first?

Talk to the International Office regarding study abroad. There are several programs available to you:

  • Do some research. Visit the university’s website; ask other students who have been previously.
  • Talk to your parents/guardian regarding your plans.

Apply for the Study Abroad Program

How do I apply for the program?

Do you have a current UK passport? You will need this to make your visa application, so apply for one as soon as you can.

Students should come to the International Office for an informal discussion.

Students should then notify School(s) of a general interest in study abroad.

A completed application form must be returned to the International Office, and must include:

  • Two references from University tutors one of which must be your Head of School.
  • A transcript of your current academic profile.
  • An essay as part of the application form (1 side of A4) explaining why you would like to partake in the Study Abroad programme.
  • Two passport sized photographs.
  • A cheque for £60 made payable to The University of Wales Trinity Saint David to process your application, if you are not successful this will be returned, if you are successful but decide to withdraw, the £60 admin fee will be non refundable. Please pay this into the Finance Office and include a receipt only with your application form.

Once this has been completed you will be called for interview with the International Officer, and relevant representative members of academic staff.

After you have been accepted, you will need to fill in application forms for the Host Institution. The International Office will send these forms to the Institution.

If the Institution is in the US, the host institution will create an I-20 or DS-2019 form. You will use this form to apply for your visa. When the I-20 returns to the International Office, you will be notified to collect it.

How do I apply for a VISA if I’m study in the US?

They can take up to three months to be processed. Remember, you will need to visit the US Embassy in London to apply for your visa in person.

Once you have filled in your DS-160 Arrange interview with US Embassy London on 09042-450100 at £1.20 per min – and run through all the information that is required from you on the day. You will need your DS-2019,

Passport & Credit or debit card in order to book your appointment

Make sure you have the following for your appointment:

  • Passport
  • Visa photo
  • Proof of financial solvency - letter from bank, signed bank statement etc. Although you are a student the bank should supply you with a letter stating that your loans/grant enters your bank account – the bank will need proof of this. See Appendix 1 for an example of a letter from the bank regarding payment of student loans. You may be required to do this before applying for US institution.
  • Letter from Head of Faculty
  • Letter of home address

Before leaving for the host Institution, you will need:

  1. A medical check is required before you leave and you must take the form with you.
  2. Medical Insurance is required before you go. Each American college has its own which is quite reasonable.
  3. Travel Insurance


Students are required to organise their own flights. Those travelling to the USA are urged to book flights after they have received their visa.

Q. How much money should I take?

A. The amount you will spend will vary from person to person. Students spend from £600-£2,000. You should not take this amount of money with you. Instead you can use your UK bank debit card to withdraw cash while there (for a small fee). Also, most places in the US accept credit cards.

Q. Does the academic credit transfer back to my home University?

A. All credit transfers back to both the Carmarthen and Lampeter campus and counts towards your degree.

Q. Will I have to share a room?

A. Most US students share dorm rooms. However, as this is not the custom here, UK students usually receive single rooms.

Q. Can I go at another time?

A. You can only go during the periods specified on this website.