Students and staff can access general IT facilities through our open access computer areas across our University campuses.

What do computer rooms offer?

  • PCs connected to the University’s data network
  • Usually a multifunctional device (MFD) offering colour and black and white printing, copying and scanning or a colour laser printer
  • May also contain wireless access and more specialised equipment such as plotters, Sports Analysis Equipment and audio visual equipment
  • Long opening hours with many of them open 24/7
  • In line with the University’s Green agenda, if a PC has not been used for ten minutes it will usually automatically shut down so you may need to turn the PC on.

Access to computer rooms

  • Open to all members of the University
  • Access outside core hours is by Student Card only and in some cases access is via the Porters
  • It is important that you do not allow other people to enter computer rooms/areas, or other limited access areas, by holding the door open for them when you have used your card to get access
  • You must be prepared to use your Student Card to identify yourself to University security staff when you are in a computer room/area during a limited access period. These areas are monitored by CCTV.

Laptop wireless access

Laptop wireless access is available at a number of University locations.

Advice on connecting your laptop to the wireless network is available on our wireless page.

Below is a list of accessible computer rooms and printer facilities. Please note, if the room is booked for use you are not allowed to use it.

Carmarthen Campus Locations
Location PCs Operating System Print/Copy/Scan Access hours May be booked
for teaching
Dewi 1 (D003) 20 Windows 10 Yes (opposite reception) 24/7 (after midnight via Porters) Yes
Dewi 2 (D004) 18

MacOS/Win 10

Yes (opposite reception) 24/7 (after midnight via Porters) No
Cwad 20 Windows 10 Yes Library opening hours


Cwad Room 1 2 Windows 10 Yes (Cwad) Library opening hours


Cwad Room 3 1 Windows 10 Yes (Cwad) Library opening hours


Carmarthen Library 9 Windows 10 Yes Currently Closed No
Teaching & Learning 12 16 Mac OS Yes No out of hours access Yes


Lampeter Campus Locations

Blue Room
17 Windows 10 Yes University card access out of hours Yes
16 Windows 10 Yes No out of hours access No
Library 24 Windows 10 Yes Currently Closed No


London Campus Locations

IT Lab 20 Windows 10 Yes Currently Closed Yes


A full list of software installed on all Open Access computers can be found here.

Information Technology & Systems offers support of several platforms in the University, recognising the diverse needs of the user community on both desktops and laptops.

Having a list of standards will help in the setup and compatibility with other systems and applications and the ongoing support requirements.

The following ideal standards are being promoted by Information Technology & Systems in the use of desktops and laptops. These are subject to change as we continue to meet the diverse needs of the University.



Operating System Windows 10 MacOSX 10.4.x or greater
Web Browser Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox 3
Office Productivity Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365
Workstation anti-virus Microsoft Defender Microsoft Defender
PDF viewer Adobe Reader Adobe Reader
PDF creation Adobe Acrobat CC Adobe Acrobat CC
DVD writing Nero Built in (as part of the Finder)