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‌The University of Wales Trinity Saint David provides a facility for those staff who need to access internal facilities when at remote locations.‌

For those staff members that have used the old Citrix system, this has now been upgraded to a much more flexible and efficient system which can be accessed in two main ways:‌

  • Using your web browser - By navigating via a web browser using the link below.‌‌
  • Installing Citrix Receiver App - By installing an application called “Citrix Receiver” on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

How to use Citrix

Regardless of which method you use to connect to Citrix, your login details are always the same. Simply enter your details using the below format;

  • Sign-in address:This is your UWTSD email address
  • Password: This is your UWTSD password

Web Browser Access


To access Citrix Directly from your web browser, simply visit and login using your Staff IT account username and password.

If you need to use your web browser without installing the Citrix Receiver App then allow "pop-ups" so that your remote application can be shown in another window or tab.

Sometimes your browser will not display the website properly, and this might be for a couple of reasons:

  • Your browser is too old and you need to upgrade it to one we support, such as Internet Explorer 10; Firefox 11 or later; Safari 6 or later; at least Chrome or Chromebook version 32.
  • Your browser uses particularly strict security. Internet Explorer 11 is like this, and to use it, you should go to the “Cog” Tools menu, select ‘Compatibility view settings’ and add the site.

Citrix Receiver Access


You usually get a smoother experience if you use the Citrix Receiver App. The Citrix Receiver app is available to download for Windows Computers/Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets.

Downoad links for each can be found below. Once installed, on the login screen enter into the server address "" followed by your username and password. Please do not use the email address login process.

Helpful Tips

Some useful information can be found below;

  • When you are using Citrix in public places, please shield your screen and keyboard while logging in, and remember that discretion should be exercised when displaying confidential items.
  • Some specialised programs, (such as for financial work), require a further log on, just as they do on campus, and you should already have been provided with separate credentials.
  • The Citrix XenApp system sends out screen images of programs running on our servers, and lets those programs get your keyboard and “mouse” input to control them. In this way, documents can be edited without copying off shared or personal drives, and confidential records never need to leave the campus environment.
  • Because editing programs run on our servers and not on devices outside, staff members can be sure that a short internet break or flat battery will not usually result in loss of work, and files won’t fall into the wrong hands.
  • If you will not be editing a document or looking at records etc. in the next ten minutes or so, please close Word or other such programs you have open. This frees up resources for others to log on.
  • On computers and most tablets, Receiver has a small pull-out section on the left of the page where you can find groups of applications to put on your Citrix “desktop” and run with a single click.
  • On a phone, you usually run the TSD programs from your ‘Favourites’ or ‘Featured’ tabs, and find additional ones in folders on your ‘Apps’ tab.
  • On touch devices, Citrix Receiver will show help on how to perform special gestures to zoom in and out, do right-clicks, open the keyboard, drag items or select text.
  • On computers, programs can be removed from your Citrix “desktop” by hovering your mouse over the top left of a program icon, but on touch devices this is done with a long press.

If you require any assistance please feel free to contact the UWTSD IT Service Desk on 0300 500 5055 or email