In this introduction to Sway, you’ll learn how easy it is to create and share interactive presentations, personal stories, newsletters, reports, vacation memories, and school or work projects.

Explore the Sway workflow, including the Storyline, Preview, and viewing the final Sway. This video also covers the Remix feature — a fun and easy way to try out a completely different design.

Ever wanted an interactive, modern, and engaging way to explain or teach something to others? This video shows you how you can do exactly that by using Sway.

Learn how to use Sway to import and arrange your photos and videos to tell the story of your vacation — or any other personal story you want to tell.

Writing a newsletter or brochure, and plan to distribute it online? This video shows you how to make beautiful and engaging newsletters using Sway.

Need to give an engaging, modern presentation? This first of two videos shows you how Sway can help you get your message across in just the right way:

This second of two videos shows you how to use Sway features like groups, grids, captions, and focus points to make a great presentation even better:

When it’s time to share your creations with others, Sway offers a number of ways for sharing your story with the right audience. Learn about your privacy and embedding options in this video.

Want to work together with others to create a Sway? This video covers working with multiple authors and even connecting over Skype for Business to collaborate in real-time.

Looking to create even richer Sways? This video explores how to control images, stacks, comparisons, and embedded content such as maps, files, and Microsoft Office documents.