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Our Courses

The law is fascinating, intriguing and filled with complexities. The law underpins our everyday lives and governs everything we do as individuals and as a society.

Studying law can lead you to a variety of exciting and challenging careers whether as a solicitor, barrister or Chartered Legal Executive lawyer. Success in the legal profession requires discipline, adaptability, dedication and integrity. Knowledge of legislation and the ability to adapt to different situations is one aspect. Success also demands the ability to put theory into practice. Our courses provide for practical learning, placement opportunities and skills based workshops to help prepare you for the world of legal practice.

We offer a style of legal education that is modern, forward-thinking, career-focused and accessible. Our Law and Legal Practice degree prepares those students wishing to embark upon the Solicitors’ Qualifying Exam (SQE) with the knowledge and skill required to succeed.

Find yourself conveniently located in the city-centre and yet just a short walk from a stunning beach when you study the Law portfolio at UWTSD in Swansea.