Keira Gwynn

UWTSD graduate Keira Gwynn helped put a smile on a little girl’s face by creating a specialist chair that allows Evie to sit, play and eat alongside her family and school friends.

Evie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegia at four months old. It affects her right side and she is unable to sit independently without tipping over, knocking her confidence and causing her anxiety.

But thanks to a product called the Scallop, a chair which was designed and developed with specialist supplier R82 by Keira, Evie can now happily play alongside her siblings and peers. R82 is based in Denmark and produces specialist high quality aids designed for children and teenagers with disabilities all over the world.

Keira said studying product design at UWTSD had taught her to gather research, analyse and use it creatively to solve real life problems:

“These skills enabled me to create a product that not only solved a problem for one particular family’s needs but many.”

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