We are committed to working in partnership with colleagues in academic departments, to provide the best learning experience possible for UWTSD students.

During the 2018/19 academic year, we implemented an online reading lists platform, online Resources Lists. Online Resource Lists allow you to create, edit and order reading list items quickly and easily. During the Academic years, 19/20 and 20/21 academic staff will be asked to move their current reading lists across to become new online resource lists. Training and support will be provided and you will be contacted when it is time to work on yours.

For further information or to find out when you might be moving please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian. Until then, please watch our short video on the benefits of online Resource Lists.

Create Online Resource Lists

Compiling reading/resource lists: best practice

A good reading/resource list can enable students to manage their reading more effectively, develop their independent research skills, enhance their learning and understanding of a topic and raise student satisfaction rates.

The UWTSD reading list policy provides a framework to ensure that Library and Learning Resources and academic staff work together to enhance students' experiences of working with reading lists. However, these are some top tips to get you started:

Include a range of learning resources including books, journals, video clips, podcasts, images, artefacts and web sites.

  • Be realistic; make the most of resources currently available from the library or easily obtainable i.e. not out of print or prohibitively expensive.
  • Update your lists regularly to ensure they contain up to date material, most recent editions, are accurate and any URLs reflect up-to-date web addresses (URLs).
  • Link resource lists to InfoSkills provision to help students develop their digital and information literacy skills as they progress through their course.
  • Make them diverse and representative of the student population
  • Make sure they are available in electronic format, removing barriers for large cohorts sand off-campus students.

Further reading: Pedagogy of Reading Lists

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