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Research Data Management (RDM) issues are becoming increasingly important with the shift to Open Access, and the embedding of best-practice in this area is a requirement of many of the University’s research funders.  The University has adopted a Research Data Management Policy to enable our researchers to meet these requirements along with a research data repository. These can be accessed through the 'useful links' to the right.  A step-by-step guide to the data deposit workflow will be available shortly.

These resources pages are designed to complement the University wide training that is available on RDM, and to underpin the bespoke support available from Research, Innovation & Enterprise Services and Learning and Library Resources in research project development and subsequent data preservation.  If you would like to organise bespoke training for your school or research group please contact us at the address below.

Activities involved in research data management

  • Data management planning: Writing a brief plan at the start of your project. Most funding applications now require a ‘data management plan’ (DMP) or similar document.
  • Creating data: What type and format of data you will create and how you will create your data.
  • Documenting data: Providing information to users (and yourself later) to understand your data. Is the file structure/naming understandable to others? Which data will be kept? Which data can be discarded?
  •  Accessing / using data: How will you organise your data? At least two people should have access to your data.
  • Storage and backup: Storing and saving your data safely and securely during your project.
  • Sharing data: Making your data publicly available (where possible) at the end of your project. Are you expected / allowed to share your dat
  • Preserving data: How will you preserve your data after the end of your project?

RDM at a Glance:

  • The Digital Curation Centre (DCC0 offerS a number of useful How-to Guides including, ‘How to Develop a Data Management and Sharing Plan’ and ‘How to Appraise and Select Research Data’.
  • The Digital Curations Centre also provide an excellent glossary of the key terms in this area, while the four resource banks accessed from this page (About RDM, Working with Data, Sharing Data, Preserving Data and Workflows) provide detailed information on the essential activities in good RDM. 

The research data management cycle

Research data management cycle



Contact Us

If you have any questions about RDM at the UWTSD you can contact us at researchdata@uwtsd.ac.uk or speak to Dr Matt Briggs in Research, Innovation and Enterprise Services. m.briggs@uwtsd.ac.uk

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