Turningpoint is an interactive voting system which can be used in lectures and presentations to gain feedback from the audience.

The Turningpoint set consists of 32 small voting handsets which are distributed to participants at the start of a lecture, and a USB receiver which attaches to the presenter's PC or laptop to pick up the responses.  The software can be used with Microsoft Powerpoint and voting results can be integrated into a Powerpoint slideshow.

Two sets are available for loan to academic staff; one set is available for loan from the Library at Carmarthen Campus and an identical set available from the Library at Lampeter Campus.  Both sets can be joined together to form a set of 64 handsets for larger groups.  Subject to availability, Turningpoint can be booked in advance by contacting the Library.

Although Turningpoint is available on presenter PCs in selected lecture rooms on both campuses, we would advise you to check whether it is available in a suitable room prior to borrowing the set.  A CD-ROM is also provided with the kit for installation onto your own laptop.