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Professor Graham Allen

Professor Graham Allen is a writer and academic from Cork in Ireland. Allen studied at St David’s College, Lampeter, between 1982 and 1985, where he gained a 1st Class Honours degree in English.  

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Professor Arthur Barrett

Arthur Barrett was born in 1836 to John and Martha Richardson and was baptised at St David’s in Pembrokeshire. Barrett had one brother, John, two years’ his senior, and the family lived in The Valley in St David’s. His father was an organist and music professor but he died when Barrett was in his still in his teens, leaving Martha a widow and an annuitant.

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Right Reverend David Daniel Bartlett

David Daniel Bartlett (1900-1977) was a member of St David’s College, Lampeter, as student, lecturer and then professor. He then served as Bishop of St Asaph for the last twenty years of his working life.

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Ian Barton

Ian Barton (1926-2011) was a long serving classics lecturer at St David’s College, as well as a winner of the radio quiz show, Brain of Britain and a Mastermind series runner-up 

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Professor Maggie Berg

Maggie Berg is professor of English at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, an expert on Victorian literature and the co-author of The Slow Professor: Challenging the Culture of Speed in the Academy.

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Right Reverend Edward Harold Browne

Edward Harold Browne (1811-1891) was second Vice-Principal of St David’s College Lampeter, before becoming bishop of Ely and then of Winchester.

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Professor Janet Burton

Janet Burton is professor of Medieval History at UWTSD and an expert on medieval monastic and religious orders and congregations. 

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Vice-Chancellor John Cater

Born in Northampton, England in 1953 John Charles Cater came to study at the University of Wales, Lampeter in 1971 and completed his BA (Honours) degree in 1974. As a graduate he joined Liverpool Polytechnic, now Liverpool John Moores University, to work as a research assistant. He subsequently held Lecturer and Research Fellow posts at the same institution, working on the Social Science Research Council and Community Relations Council research projects.  

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William Augustus Brevoort Coolidge

When in 1880 the Revd John James Lias, Professor of English at St David’s College, Lampeter, retired, his successor was a Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, William Augustus Brevoort Coolidge. Although his time at Lampeter was short, there is no doubt that he enjoyed it while it lasted, threw himself enthusiastically into its life, and, as a donation to the College’s Building & General Extension Fund in 1889 testifies, retained an affection for it after he had left.

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Dr Andrew Crome

Andrew Crome is an academic, whose interests range from 17th and 18th century apocalyptic through to Doctor Who. 

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Reverend Frederick James Taylor David

In his obituary for Fred David, Principal J.R. Lloyd Thomas wrote of “his devotion of a lifetime to St David’s College and his beloved Church.” He could also have included his devotion to the town of Lampeter, where David was elected as a member of the Borough Council and also served for a year as its major. Known affectionately as ‘Dicky Dai’ amongst his students and ‘Professor’ David in the town, he knew the college both as a former student and lecturer. 

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Professor Daniel Dawson

Daniel Dawson was a member of the college staff from 1923 until his death on December 28th, 1961 at the age of 65. Principal J.R. Lloyd Thomas wrote about his long career and dedicated service to St David’s College for The Bulletin of the Lampeter Society. 

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Dr Chris Deacy

 Chris Deacy is a reader in theology and religious studies at the University of Kent. 

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Dr Wendy Dossett

Wendy Dossett is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Chester, Director of Research for Chester Studies of Addiction, Recovery and Spirituality Group, and Principal Investigator of The Higher Power Project.  

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William Edmunds

William Edmunds (1827-1875) was first vice-principal of what was to become Trinity College, Carmarthen.

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Professor David J.A. Evans

David J.A. Evans is Professor of Physical Geography at Durham University. 

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Professor D. Simon Evans

Daniel Simon Evans (1921-1998) was a Celtic scholar and an expert on the early British saints.

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Professor Reginald Horace Fuller

Reginald Horace Fuller (1915-2007) was a leading New Testament scholar.  

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Professor William Gibson

William Thomas Gibson is professor of ecclesiastical history at Oxford Brookes University and a prolific author. 

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Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray

Sophie Gilliat-Ray is the director of the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK, and Professor in Religious and Theological Studies at Cardiff University. 

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Professor Edmund Tyrrell-Green

Edmund Tyrrell-Green (1864-1937) was Professor of Hebrew and Theology at St David’s College, as well as precentor and lecturer in architecture.

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Revd. Professor William Henry Harris

William Henry Harris (1884-1956) was associated with Lampeter for much of his life, either as a student or an academic. 

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Professor Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson is an expert on religious and intercultural education and Founding Director of the Warwick Religions and Education Research Unit (WRERU). 

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Professor Neil Keeble

Neil Keeble is an emeritus professor of English Studies at the University of Stirling, and an expert on early modern English literary and religious history. 

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Dr John C. Knapp

John C. Knapp is the president of Washington & Jefferson College, one of the United States’ oldest liberal arts colleges.

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Llewelyn Lewellin

(1798-1878) First principal of St David's College Lampeter

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Professor Gerard Loughlin

Gerard Loughlin is a Roman Catholic Professor of Theology and Religion at the University of Durham. 

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Right Reverend Alfred Edwin Morris

Alfred Edwin Morris (1894-1971) said of himself, ‘I was the first Englishman to become archbishop of Wales and probably I shall also be the last.’

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Frank Newte

Born in 1913, the youngest of three brothers, Frank Richard Newte attended Colet Court, London where he was taught for three years by George Ewart Bean, a renowned English archaeologist. Newte won a scholarship to Hertford College, Oxford where he had a distinguished academic career. He matriculated in 1932 and achieved a first in Classics moderations in 1934. The following year he won the prestigious Chancellor’s Prize for Latin Verse, which was recited in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford and later published by Blackwells. In 1936 Newte obtained a degree in Greats and another in Theology the following year. 

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Right Reverend Alfred Ollivant

Alfred Ollivant (1798-1882) was the first Vice-Principal of St David’s College Lampeter; he later became Bishop of Llandaff.

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Dr Meirion Pennar

Andreas Meirion Pennar (1944-2010) was a poet, academic, translator and Welsh language activist. 

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Right Reverend John James Stewart Perowne

John James Stewart Perowne (1823-1904) was vice-principal of St David’s College, Lampeter; he later became dean of Peterborough cathedral and then bishop of Worcester.  

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Professor Martin Polley

Since 2014 Martin Polley has been Professor of History at De Montfort University and Director of its International Centre for Sports History and Culture.  

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Professor H. Jefferson Powell

H. Jefferson Powell is professor of law at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina; he has also served in the United States Department of Justice under two presidents.

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Canon D.T. William Price

David Trevor William Price is the author of A History of Saint David’s University College Lampeter, the official history of the institution.

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Reverend Rice Rees

Rice Rees (1804-1839) was one of the original three lecturers at St David’s College Lampeter and the first librarian. 

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Very Reverend Raymond Renowden

Charles Raymond Renowden (1923-2000) both studied and lectured at Lampeter, as well as serving in the Intelligence Corps and meeting Emperor Hirohito. 

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Professor Keith Robbins

Keith Gilbert Robbins (1940-2019) was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales, Lampeter, and also Senior Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wales.

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Professor Thomas Stanley Roberts

Thomas Stanley Roberts was born in the late summer of 1868, tragically just months before his father, Captain Thomas Roberts, was lost at sea off the coast of South America. The youngest of three siblings, Mary (1858-1876) and Gwynne (1860-1940), Roberts first attended the Fishguard National School, before enrolling at St David’s School in Lampeter.

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Professor John Rowlands

John Rowlands taught at both Trinity College, Carmarthen and St David’s University College, where he became Senior Lecturer in Welsh in 1973.

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Professor Michael Scott

Michael Scott was founding Vice-Chancellor of Glyndŵr University; he is credited as the man who secured Wrexham its university. 

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Professor Robert Augustus Sharpe

Robert (Bob) Sharpe joined St David’s College in 1964 as Assistant Lecturer in Philosophy; over the next thirty-three years, until his retirement as Professor Emeritus in 1997, he was instrumental in the development of the Philosophy Department.

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John Roland Lloyd Thomas

John Roland Lloyd Thomas (1908-1984) was the first Lampeter graduate to return as college principal.

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 Professor Laurie Thompson

Laurie Thompson (1938-2015) was an academic and translator, who introduced Henning Mankel’s fictional detective, Kurt Wallander, to the British public. 

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Professor Hugh Walker

Hugh Walker (1855-1939) taught English at St David’s College Lampeter for over fifty years.  

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Professor Rowland Williams

Rowland Williams (1817-1870) was Vice-Principal of St David’s College Lampeter for twelve years. He is famous as the man said to have introduced rugby to Wales. In complete contrast, he was also tried for heresy. 

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