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Fergus Drennan

Fergus Drennan, also known as Fergus the Forager, describes himself as a wild food experimentalist and educator.

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Toby Driver

Toby Driver is an archaeologist and prehistorian.

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Craig Jamieson

Craig Jamieson is keeper of Sanskrit manuscripts at the University of Cambridge.

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Dr Alston Kennerly

Alston Kennerley is a maritime historian.

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Brendan McSharry

Brendan McSharry OBE has served as country director for the British Council in six countries in Asia and Africa. Overall, he has worked in thirteen countries across four continents.

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Eric Morris

Eric Morris is a military historian, who taught at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst before becoming a leading consultant and commentator on international geo-strategic issues, ranging from the commercial opportunities arising from the end of the Cold War, to the threat of radical terrorism. He was an early proponent of the need for cyber security to protect critical national interests.

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Dr Linda Parker

Linda Parker is a leading historian and independent scholar who has written about army chaplaincy during the First and Second World Wars, military, social and religious history and polar exploration.

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Robin Rider

Robin Rider (1931-1995) was St David’s College’s first professional librarian.

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Edmund Simons

Edmund Simons is a heritage specialist, who has worked with Historic Royal Palaces, researched prehistoric food and helped develop a whaling station in South Georgia into a new science base.

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Professor Malcolm Todd

Malcolm Todd (1939-2013) was a leading historian and archaeologist of the Roman empire, who led several significant excavations in the West Country and the Midlands.

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Professor Thomas Frederick Tout

Thomas Frederick Tout (1855-1929) was possibly the most productive English medieval historian of his day.

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Reverend Canon Geraint Vaughan-Jones

Canon Geraint James Vaughan-Jones (1929-2002) was responsible for rescuing from oblivion the Welsh carol singing tradition of plygain.

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Dr Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker is a principal curator at Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales; her responsibilities include Palaeolithic and Mesolithic archaeological collections, prehistoric stone tools and archaeological archives.

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Dr Sadie Watson

Dr Sadie Watson has had over two decades of experience as a professional archaeologist working in the field, primarily in London and its environs.

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