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Venerable Archdeacon George Bernard Austin

George Bernard Austin (1931-2019) was archdeacon of York, famous or infamous as an arch-traditionalist and a go-to figure for journalists in search of a quote. 

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Reverend Leslie Badham

Leslie Badham combined a church ministry which included being a chaplain to the queen, with radio broadcasting, lecturing and writing. 

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Right Reverend David Daniel Bartlett

David Daniel Bartlett (1900-1977) was a member of St David’s College, Lampeter, as student, lecturer and then professor. He then served as Bishop of St Asaph for the last twenty years of his working life.

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Reverend Charles Ferdinand Brigstocke

Charles Ferdinand Brigstocke was born in 1808 in Llawhaden, Pembrokeshire, and followed his father Thomas, vicar of Llawhaden, into the church. After attending school at Haverfordwest he entered St David’s College at the age of twenty, and upon graduating in 1832 his first appointment was in Bristol. He returned to Pembrokeshire as a curate under Rev. Dr Humphrey in Tenby and was ordained by the Bishop of Winchester in 1837. A year later, with a recommendation from the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel and the approval of the Bishop of London, Brigstocke was appointed as chaplain to New South Wales.  

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Right Reverend Edward Harold Browne

Edward Harold Browne (1811-1891) was second Vice-Principal of St David’s College Lampeter, before becoming bishop of Ely and then of Winchester.

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Archimandrite Barnabas / Ian Burton

Archimandrite Barnabas (1915-1996) was the first Welsh Orthodox priest since the Great Schism of 1054.

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Reverend Frederick James Taylor David

In his obituary for Fred David, Principal J.R. Lloyd Thomas wrote of “his devotion of a lifetime to St David’s College and his beloved Church.” He could also have included his devotion to the town of Lampeter, where David was elected as a member of the Borough Council and also served for a year as its major. Known affectionately as ‘Dicky Dai’ amongst his students and ‘Professor’ David in the town, he knew the college both as a former student and lecturer.

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Reverend David Henry Davies

David Henry Davies, best known as ‘the Vicar of Cenarth’, was born in 1828 in Cardiganshire. Descended from an old and respected family, he was the eldest son of Daniel Owen Davies, who was a military surgeon with the 18th (The Royal Irish) Regiment of Foot, and Margaret Coakeley Jenkins.

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Canon Ellis Davies

Ellis Davies (1872-1962) was a noted Welsh antiquarian, as well as a clergyman. 

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Right Reverend Roy Thomas Davies

Roy Thomas Davies (1934-2013) was bishop of Llandaff from 1985 to 1999. 

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Reverend Aled Edwards

Aled Edwards is chief executive of Cytûn: Churches Together in Wales and a campaigner for displaced people. 

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Reverend Daniel Silvan Evans

The St David’s College magazine for 1903 includes an obituary for Daniel Silvan Evans written by the Principal Llewellyn John Montfort Bebb, in which he describes Evans as ‘the most distinguished student who has owed his early training to Lampeter’. Born in the small village of Llanarth in Cardiganshire the son of a farmer, Evans demonstrated his academic qualities early in life, publishing his first collection of poems and essays, Blodue leuainc at the age of twenty-five and receiving the Bardic name of Daniel Las.

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Bishop Daniel Ivor Evans

Daniel Ivor Evans was born on 5th July 1900, the seventh child of David Hugh Evans and Mary Rowlands. His father was a cabinet maker and the family resided at 24 Bridge Street, Lampeter. Evans attended the College School and at the age of sixteen he joined the Royal Navy Volunteers Regiment. At the end of the war, he attended St David’s College graduating in 1922. He was ordained by Bishop Bevan in 1924, serving as curate at St. John-Juxta-Swansea. After three years he was transferred to St Martin’s, Roath under Chancellor Dr. Hopkins James; he served there until 1930 when he journeyed to South America. For the next five years he worked as assistant chaplain to Archdeacon W. H. Hodges at St John the Baptist (Pro-Cathedral) in Buenos Aires.

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Very Reverend Eric Evans

Eric Evans (1928-1996) was Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral

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Dom lltud Evans

Dom Illtud Evans (1913-1972) was a well-known Catholic priest, writer and broadcaster.

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Reverend John Silas Evans

John Silas Evans (1864-1953) was the author of popular astronomy books in English and Welsh, as well as being a priest.

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Right Reverend Richard Fenwick

Born in Cardiff, Richard's early education was at the Church School in Llandaff. After failing the 11+ convincingly (!) he eventually went to Canton High School, and then proceeded to Lampeter - a place he always loved with a passion. Indeed much later he was on the University Council for 10 years. He graduated BA in 1966.

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Reverend John Fisher

John Fisher (1862-1930) worked with the more famous Rev Sabine Baring Gould on the classic work, Lives of the British saints.

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Venerable Archdeacon Judy French

Judith Karen "Judy" French (born 18 November 1960 in Portsmouth) is a British Anglican priest. She has been the Archdeacon of Dorchester in the Diocese of Oxford since 2014. 

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Archdeacon Alexander Goldwyer Lewis

Alexander Goldwyer Lewis (1849-1904) was a local man who became Archdeacon of Bombay. 

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Michael Greed

Michael Greed was involved in translating the Bible into Tatar, a language spoken by well over five million people in European Russia and Siberia.

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Reverend David Griffith

David Griffith (1841-1910) was a schoolmaster, curate and diarist. His writings are an invaluable source for the history of the Anglican Church in Wales. 

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Baron Leslie Griffiths

Leslie Griffiths is a working peer, as well as a past president of the Methodist Conference and a former superintendent minister of Wesley’s Chapel, on the edge of the City of London. 

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Reverend Thomas Hassall

Thomas Hassall was born in Coventry in 1794the eldest child of Rowland and Elizabeth. His father was a preacher and a member of the London Missionary Society, and in 1796 he answered their appeal for fifty missionaries to sail for Tahiti on the first missionary ship to the South Seas. On August 10th 1796, aged only two years, Thomas and his family boarded the 300-ton ship Duff, which reached Tahiti after 208 days at sea. 

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Right Reverend Christopher Herbert

Christopher William Herbert was bishop of Saint Albans from 1995 to 2009. 

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Venerable John Holdsworth

John Holdsworth is a biblical scholar, practical theologian, and former archdeacon of the dioceses of St David’s and of Cyprus and the Gulf.  

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Bishop Joshua Hughes

Joshua Hughes (1807-1889) was the first Welsh bishop of St. Asaph for almost one hundred and fifty years

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Reverend David Lloyd Isaac

David Lloyd Isaac (1818-1876) was a prolific writer as well as a clergyman.

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Right Reverend Francis John Jayne

Francis John Jayne (1845-1921) was the second principal of St David’s College and then became the longest-serving bishop of Chester in the history of the diocese

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Right Reverend Alwyn Rice Jones

Alwyn Rice Jones (1934-2007) was archbishop of Wales for eight years in the 1990s.  During this time, he steered the Church in Wales through a period of radical change.

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Reverend David Thomas Jones

The information regarding David Thomas Jones’s early life is sparse and inconsistent, he was born between 1795 and 1799 and in his own words came from ‘farming stock’. He spent two years studying at Lampeter Grammar School under its founder Reverend Eliezer Williams, and it was during this period that he was accepted by the Christian Missionary Society as a candidate for missionary work. The annual stipend of £40 which the society provided enabled Jones to complete his studies at Lampeter, following which he continued his theological training under Reverend Thomas Sharpe at Mattishall.

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Reverend Isaac Jones

Isaac Jones (1804-1850) was a translator of English works into Welsh, working at a time when most in Wales could speak only their own native tongue.

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Reverend Maldwyn Lloyd Jones

Maldwyn Lloyd Jones (1917-2014) was an Anglican clergyman, missionary in South America and naval chaplain. Some of his doings resembled adventures from The boys’ own paper.

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Bishop Noel Debroy Jones

Noël Debroy Jones (1932-2009) was a larger than life character, who became Admiral of the Fleet and then bishop of Sodor and Man. 

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Most Reverend Idris Jones

Idris Jones was bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, and Primus of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. 

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Reverend Canon Maurice Jones

Maurice Jones (1863-1957) led St David’s College, Lampeter, for fourteen years, rescuing it at a time when its condition seemed desperate. 

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Reverend David Nicholas Lockwood

David Nicholas Lockwood (1923-2006) was a country clergyman, poet and biographer.

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Reverend Alfred Augustus Mathews

Alfred Augustus (Alf) Mathews (1864-1946) represented Wales at rugby, while still a student at Lampeter.

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Canon Stanley Meadows

Stanley Meadows (1914-2009) or ‘Canon Stan’ is said to have been ‘a remarkable man, who did remarkable things, in remarkable times.’

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Reverend Peter Millam

Peter Millam (1936-2010) was Senior Chaplain at Christ Church Cathedral in the Falkland Islands. He hit world headlines through his involvement with the hijacked Aerolinas Argentina airline, after it landed on the racecourse in Port Stanley.

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Reverend Richard William Morgan

The Reverend Richard Williams Morgan was born in Llangynfelyn, Cardiganshire circa 1815. Nephew of John Williams, the Archdeacon of Cardigan, he was educated at St. David’s College in Lampeter. He was curate of Mochdre, Montgomeryshire, from 1842-53. In 1842, he was appointed perpetual curate of Tregynon, Montgomeryshire, a position he held until 1862.

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Canon Sam 'Patagonia' Morgan

Sam Morgan was born in the small village of Pinged in the parish of Penbre (Pembrey) in July 1907. He attended St. David’s College in Lampeter in 1927 and was ordained in St. David’s Cathedral after graduating in 1932. During his time at St David’s he was a member and Secretary of the Harriers Club, winning his colours in 1931.

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Right Reverend Alan Wyndham Morgan

Alan Morgan (1940-2011), the Suffragan Bishop of Sherwood, was known as the ‘coalfield bishop.’

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Alfred Edwin Morris

Alfred Edwin Morris (1894-1971) said of himself, ‘I was the first Englishman to become archbishop of Wales and probably I shall also be the last.’

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Right Reverend Moses Nthukah

Moses Masamba Nthukah is bishop of the diocese of Mbeere, in Kenya.

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Right Reverend Alfred Ollivant

Alfred Ollivant (1798-1882) was the first Vice-Principal of St David’s College Lampeter; he later became Bishop of Llandaff.

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Right Reverend John Owen

John Owen (1854-1926) was professor of Welsh at St David’s College Lampeter and later principal. He left Lampeter to become bishop of Saint David’s.

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Canon Daniel Parry-Jones

Daniel Parry-Jones (1891-1981) was a clergyman and author, best known for recording country tradition.

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Canon D.T. William Price

David Trevor William Price is the author of A History of Saint David’s University College Lampeter, the official history of the institution.

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Reverend Howell Prichard

Howell Prichard was born in 1805 in Trallong, Breconshire, to parents Howell Prichard and Elizabeth Powell. Howell Sr. was a farmer and had married Elizabeth Powell the previous year. Howell Jr. had six siblings; Elizabeth, Thomas, Elizabeth, William, Sarah and Rees.

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Henry James Prince

Henry James Prince was born in 1811, the youngest child of a West Indian planter who died soon after his birth. Prince grew up in ‘genteel poverty’ in Bath, looked after primarily by his mother’s lodger and companion, the elderly and wealthy Martha Freeman. Despite the considerable age difference, Prince married Martha in 1834. Initially deciding upon a medical career Prince was apprenticed to a surgeon-apothecary in the city of Wells. He later moved to London, to Guy’s Hospital and the Webb Street Anatomy School, where he completed his training. In 1832 he qualified as L.S.A. (Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries) and was appointed Resident Medical Officer at the prestigious Bath General Hospital.

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William Peregrine Propert

William Peregrine Propert (1831-1906) was associated with St David’s Cathedral as chorister, lay vicar-choral and organist for over sixty-five years.

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Reverend Thomas Milville Raven

Thomas Milville Raven (1827-1896) was a pioneer photographer, as well as a priest.

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Reverend Arthur Augustus Rees

Arthur Augustus Rees (1815-1884) was a popular evangelical preacher.

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Bishop Timothy Rees

Timothy Rees was the first diocesan bishop in the disestablished Church of Wales with only a Lampeter degree.

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Very Reverend Raymond Renowden

Charles Raymond Renowden (1923-2000) both studied and lectured at Lampeter, as well as serving in the Intelligence Corps and meeting Emperor Hirohito.

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Venerable Archdeacon Robert Henry Richards

Robert was born in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire on 9th February 1869. He attended Fishguard Grammar School before joining St David’s College in 1889, where he achieved a 2nd class classical degree. He held curacies in Newport, where he married his wife Florence Mary, as well as Liverpool and Howden in Yorkshire. He was invited in 1904 by Bishop Mercer to become rector of New Norfolk, Tasmania.

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Reverend John Roberts

Reverend John Roberts (1853-1949) "I hope you will never take me away from my Indians."

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Reverend William John Roxburgh

William John Roxburgh (1865-1919) was a missionary to Southern Africa.

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Dr Patricia Rumsey

Patricia Rumsey is Mother Abbess of a small religious community; alongside this, she writes on liturgy and on early monasticism.

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Right Reverend Herbert Edward Ryle

Herbert Edward Ryle (1856-1925) was the third principal of St David’s College, Lampeter. He went on to become bishop of Exeter and then bishop of Winchester.

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Reverend Alexander W. Schapira

Alexander William (Wilhelm) Schapira, a Russian Jew, was born 1847 in Stephan, the son of Ichil Moses Schapira, a Hebrew teacher and Dora Kritschilsky.

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Reverend Fred Secombe

Fred Secombe (31 December 1918 – 8 December 2016) wrote ten humorous novels, based on his experience as a clergyman ministering in South Wales.

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Reverend Thomas James Stretch

Born in 1915, at Goodwick, Pembrokeshire, Thomas James Stretch was educated locally, gaining the offer of a place at Keeble College, Oxford. Unfortunately, a serious eye injury on the cricket field prevented him from accepting the offer and instead, in 1934, he entered St David’s College, where it soon became evident that Oxford’s loss was Lampeter’s gain.

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Canon David Walter Thomas

David Walter Thomas was a Welsh clergyman instrumental in establishing the first Welsh Anglican church in the Welsh settlement of Patagonia.

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Right Reverend Harry Thomas

Harry Thomas (1897-1955) was the first Lampeter man to become a bishop in England.

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Venerable Randolph Thomas

Alfred James Randolph Thomas is Chair of Council at University of Wales Trinity Saint David. He is a priest of the Church in Wales and a former Archdeacon of Brecon.

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Right Reverend Benjamin Vaughan

Benjamin Noel Young Vaughan (1917-2003) was a bishop for more than forty years in the West Indies, and then back home in Wales.

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Reverend Edward Arundel Verity

Edward Arundel Verity (1822-1910) was a parish priest who was accused of stealing his church’s silver and an army chaplain who claimed to have worked with Florence Nightingale. He was eccentric, radical and one of the more colourful parish priests.

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Reverend John Washington-Jones

John Washington-Jones (1887-1974) was an Anglican clergyman, who worked as vicar to the Welsh colonists in Patagonia.

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Right Reverend David Williams

“A man of Celtic fire and a human dynamo of energy”

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Reverend John Herbert Williams

John Herbert Williams (1919-2003) was the prison chaplain responsible for the pastoral care of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain.

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Professor Rowland Williams

Rowland Williams (1817-1870) was Vice-Principal of St David’s College Lampeter for twelve years. He is famous as the man said to have introduced rugby to Wales. In complete contrast, he was also tried for heresy.

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Reverend Canon Flora Winfield

Flora has been part of the senior team at Lambeth Palace since 2007, representing the Archbishop of Canterbury in a variety of roles: initially as his Secretary for Anglican Relations, then as Anglican Communion Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, before becoming the Special Representative to the Commonwealth in 2017 – ahead of CHOGM 2018.

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