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Judith Arnopp

Judith Arnopp writes historical fiction. Most of her novels are written from a woman’s perspective and set in the Tudor period.

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Christopher Bendon

Chris Bendon was a poet and the founder of Spectrum Press.

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Tony Bianchi

Toni Bianchi (1952-2017) was a Geordie, who became known as a Welsh language novelist and poet.

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Reverend Euros Bowen

Euros Bowen (1904-1988) was a major religious poet and one of the most prolific Welsh language writers of the twentieth century.

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Dic Edwards

Edwards is a prolific dramatist, author and poet, having written over twenty plays.

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Islwyn Ffowc Elis

Islwyn Ffowc Elis (1924-2004) was one of the most popular Welsh language writers of the 20th century; he is considered the father of the modern Welsh novel.

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Richard Fawkes

Richard Brian Fawkes (1944-2020) was a playwright, author and director.

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Annie Garthwaite

Annie Garthwaite left a thirty year business career to become an historical novelist.

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Arthur Hughes

Arthur Hughes (1878-1965) was a writer, poet, scholar and literary critic.  

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Joseph Hughes

Born in 1803, a native of Parcau, Newport in Pembrokeshire, Joseph Hughes lived most of his working life in Meltham, Yorkshire. He was educated at Carmarthen and Ystrad Meurig grammar schools, before entering St David’s College in 1824.

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John James

John James (1923-1993) was a writer of historical fiction; his friend Byron Rogers described him as ‘the greatest historical novelist of my time.’

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Norman Jope

Norman Jope (1960-) is a widely published author who specialises in poetry. He prefers to avoid the constraints of the term ‘poet’, as he regards poetry as an activity rather than an identit yand writes (less visibly) in other genres. Nor has he entered a poetry competition in his life.

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Ian Marchant

Ian Marchant is a writer, broadcaster and performer.

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Edward Archibald Markham

Markham was born on the tiny Caribbean island of Montserrat on 1 October 1939. His parents, who were relatively prosperous, moved there from the Dutch West Indies so their son could be born British. He attended the island’s only grammar school. When his parents split up in 1956, he came to Britain with his mother. Soon he was studying philosophy and English at St David’s College, Lampeter.

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Kathy Miles

Kathy Miles was born in Liverpool in 1952. Her father, Neil Tierney, worked as a clerk in the civil service, but was also the Northern Music Critic of the Daily Telegraph, and Miles was exposed to classical music, ballet and the arts from an early age. She moved to West Wales in 1972 to study English at the University of Wales Lampeter, having spent a gap year working backstage at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool, where future stars such as Antony Sher, Alison Steadman and Jonathan Pryce were starting out on their careers

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Dr Paul Morgan

Paul Morgan has been a senior leader at a national mental health charity, worked as an antiquarian book expert and written novels, stories, articles and reviews.

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Dr Meirion Pennar

Andreas Meirion Pennar (1944-2010) was a poet, academic, translator and Welsh language activist. 

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Pamela Petro

Pamela J. Petro is an artist, author and educator. Although she is an American, her love for Wales is central to her work.

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Reverend Fred Secombe

Fred Secombe (31 December 1918 – 8 December 2016) wrote ten humorous novels, based on his experience as a clergyman ministering in South Wales.

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Dr Harrison Solow

Harrison Solow is a scholar, author, lecturer, consultant and writer in the literary, academic, scientific, and entertainment worlds.

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