Education (Carmarthen)

Subject Guides include information on subject specific web resources, ebooks, ejournals and helpful classification numbers. Digital and Information Literacy Skills Sessions can be arranged for groups or individuals. If you would like additional help please use our booking form to arrange a session. 

Print books and ebooks are available through the LLR (Library and Learning Resources). The main collection of education print books is located at the Carmarthen campus. Please use our catalogue to locate relevant items.

If you know the author or title of an e-book, the easiest way to access it would be through the catalogue.  To search for information on a subject, access one of the ebook collections below. Many of our e-resources require you to login using your university IT account. A full list of e-book packages is also available.

Dawsonera E-Books

Green light  Full text

A general collection of e-books covering a wide range of subjects.

EBL E-Book Library

Green light  Full text

A general collection of e-books covering a wide range of subjects.

EBSCO E-book Collection (NetLibrary)

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A general collection of e-books covering a wide range of subjects.

Oxford Scholarship Online

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A searchable full-text database of scholarly books in a range of subjects. 

Safari Technical Books Online

  Some full text

Access to computing and IT e-books.

 Taylor and Francis E-Book Library

  Some full text

A collection of psychology e-books.

A database is an index to journals and sometimes to books and reports. Some provide provide full-text e.g. a journal article; others provide abstracts and references. This is a list of those most relevant to education. A full list of E-resources is also available.

Many of our e-resources require you to login using your university IT account. Please see all resources for additional help logging in.

Academic Search Premier

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This EBSCO database allows the researcher to search over 13,600 journals. Full text articles are available from over 4,700 journals within the field of education.

British Education Index

Red light  Index / Abstracts only

The BEI provides bibliographic references to information on research policy and practice within education and training in the UK. 

Education Source

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This EBSCO database incorporates Education Research Complete. It contains full text articles from 1,800 journals and over 550 ebooks within the field of education, many of them directly relating to the field of Early Childhood studies.


Red light  Index / Abstracts only

American based equivalent of the BEI


Green light  Full text

PsycARTICLES is a psychology database of full-text articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe Publishing Group.

Teacher Reference Center

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Provides indexing and abstracts for more than 270 of the most popular teacher and administrator journals and magazines to assist professional educators.


Red light  Index / Abstracts only

Free access for UK HE and FE to the British Library Electronic Table of Contents database of over 20,000 current journal titles.

British Educational Research Association (BERA)

The British Educational Research Association states it is "dedicated to supporting educational researchers and promoting high quality research in education".

Copyright Licensing Agency Schools Site (CLA)

This site will help you discover what can be copied under a CLA schools licence.

Copyright and Schools

This site has been created by a variety of copyright licence suppliers to schools. It aims to provide a comprehensive guide to schools regarding the type of licence they might need to copy a whole range of materials and check permissions required for a variety of school activities.

Department for Education (UK)

UK Department for Education Website.

Education and Skills (Welsh Government)

The department responsible for education and skills in Wales.

Educational Evidence Portal

A portal designed to help you find educational evidence from a range of reputable sources using a single search. It is designed for both professional people and those with a general interest in education.


Site of the inspectors of education in Wales. It is possible to search for inspection reports for individual schools on this site.

Higher Education Academy (HEA)

The work of the HEA is focus in three main areas - Academic Practice Development; Teacher Excellence; and Institutional Strategy and Change.


Site for information on school inspections in England.

National Foundation for Educational Research

This is the UK’s largest independent provider of research, assessment and information services for education, training and children’s services.

Material in the Library is arranged by subject using a classification scheme. These are the numbers you see on the spines of the books. The letters following the number are usually the first three letters of the authors surname but may be the start of the title. Below are some examples to get you started. You can also use Worldcat local to search for specific titles and subjects.

155.4 Child Psychology
155.418 Psychology of Play
305.231 Child development
362.7 Social and legal services for the young
370 Education
370.1 Philosophy of Education
370.15 Educational Psychology
370.1523 Learning Theory
Multicultural education
370.19 Sociology of Education
370.72 Educational Research
370.9 Educational History
371 Schools and their activities
371.1024 Classroom Management
371.26 Assessment
371.58 Bullying
371.90472  Special education, Social inclusion for primary schools
372 Primary schools
372.21 Pre-school education
372.216 Nursery schools
372.241 Infant schools
373 Secondary Schools
374 Adult education
375 Curricula
378 Higher Education
379 Public policy issues in education
404.32083 Bilingualism - children
613.0432 Promotion of health 0-11