Islamic studies

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Books are located on the upper floor (001-841) and the lower floors  (841-999) of the library at the Lampeter campus. It is important to search the library catalogue in order to find specific titles. Some relevant classification numbers for Islamic Studies are listed below:

297    Islamic studies
297.1225    Qur'an
340.59     Islamic law
492.7    Arabic language
892.7    Arabic literature
950    Hisory of Islam

You can access e-books via the library catalogue and the E-Book Collections. For your subject, you may find the following E-Book collections useful:

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The main collection of print journals for Islamic Studies is located at the lower floor while the latest journals are displayed on the ground floor of the library at the Lampeter campus. 

A selection of full text e-journals as well as the indexes and abstracts are available via the library. Many of our e-resources require you to login using your university IT account.

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Useful journals:

  • Comparative Islamic studies
  • Contemporary Islam
  • Die Welt des Islam: Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Islamkunde
  • International journal of Islamic thought
  • Journal of Islamic studies
  • Medieval encounters: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim culture in confluence and dialogue
  • Tarbiya: Journal of Education in Muslim Society
  • The Muslim world: a quarterly review of history, culture, religions & the christian mission in Islamdom

Some useful e-journal collections for Islamic studies are:

The easiest way to find full text e-journal articles is to use the library catalogue

The library subscribes to a number of e-resources, of which the following might be useful:

ATLA Religion Database / ATLA Serials supports religious and theological scholarship in education and research. It contains thousands of citations from international titles and multi-author works in the field of religion.

Education Source is the most authoritative online resource for education research. It offers the world's largest and most complete collection of full-text education journals. 

Oxford Islamic Studies Online provides access to a large range of English language reference resources on the Islamic world.

Many of our e-resources require you to login using your university IT account. A complete list can be viewed at All Resources.