Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning

Subject Guides include information on subject specific web resources, ebooks, ejournals and helpful classification numbers. Digital and Information Literacy Skills Sessions can be arranged for groups or individuals. If you would like additional help please use our booking form to arrange a session. 

Books in the Learning and Learning Resources (LLR) are arranged using a classification scheme.  The main collection of books is located on the first floor of the library.  You can use the catalogue to search for specific titles and subjects.

000 Computer science, information and general works
100 Philosophy and psychology
200 Religion
300 Social sciences
 400 Language
500 Sciences
600  Technology
700 Arts and recreation
800 Literature
900 History and geography

Both print and e-books are available via the LLR.  You can access e-books via the LLR catalogue or via the individual e-book packages.

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