All staff and students have a Librarian and a Digital Skills Advisor allocated to their subject of study or area of work. If you need some help, advice or a friendly bit of encouragement, you can book an appointment with a member of our team at a time to suit you.

Your Librarian can help you with...                               Your Digital Skills Advisor can help you with...
  • Finding and using academic information
  • Referencing and Plagiarism
  • Using library resources
  • Literature searching
  • Critical thinking
  • And more...
  • Digital Proficiency and Productivity 
  • Digital Creation, problem solving and innovation
  • Digital Communication, collaboration and participation
  • Digital Learning
  • Digital identity and wellbeing
  • And more...

To make a booking, you will need to know either which Institute you belong to or the name of the member of staff you wish to make an appointment with.  If you're not sure then please use the information below to identify the most appropriate person to help you.  For Professional Services staff, please also see the information below to identify which member of staff is allocated to your area.

Education, psychology, counselling

Your Librarian is: Alison Evans

Your Digital Skills Advisor is: Gwen Couch

Humanities, classics, archaeology, theology

Your Librarian is: Connie Davage

Your Digital Skills Advisor is: Gwen Couch

Business, management, health, tourism

Your Librarians are:

Birmingham: Doreen McLeary, Shabina Hassan and Olivia Edmonds

Carmarthen: Connie Davage

London: Ivana Curcic, Megan Redmond and Uzma Ali

Swansea: Lisa Ellis

Your Digital Skills Advisor is:

Birmingham and London: Taran Johal

Carmarthen and Swansea: Jess Hill

Art, media, computing, engineering, architecture

Your librarian is: Emily Wild

Your digital skills advisor is: Stuart Gill

Professional Services staff

Digital Skills Advisors:

  • Academic Development - Gwen Couch
  • Estates - Jess Hill
  • Facilities - Taran Johal
  • Finance - Stuart Gill
  • IT/DCL - Sam Scoulding
  • Marketing and Communication - Stuart Gill
  • Registry - Gwen Couch
  • Student Services - Jess Hill

Book an appointment - Librarian

Book an appointment - Digital Skills Advisor

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