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Referencing correctly is an essential skill. When writing an assignment, you will be expected to acknowledge other people’s work by referencing them in a recognized and consistent format.

When it comes to referencing, there is plenty of conflicting or out-of-date advice and software available. We have created the Referencing Handbooks in collaboration with the Academic Office and academic staff across the University to give you consistent guidance and support.

The handbooks provide you with the basic principles of referencing and plagiarism, how to get support and what additional resources you can make use of for more specific examples of the referencing style you’re using.

There are four recognised referencing styles at UWTSD and the one you use will depend on your area of study. To find out which one you should be using, look in your Programme Handbook, and download your copy by clicking on the button below.

If in doubt, contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

 Guidance for Referencing Artificial Intelligence

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