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Honorary Awards

Honorary Awards of the University

Every year the University recognises persons of distinction by presenting them with Honorary Fellowships or Honorary Degrees, normally at a Degree Congregation.

Honorary Doctorates may be conferred on those who are outstanding in their field, normally because they have made a major and sustainable academic contribution in a field relevant to the University; or have been recognised for their outstanding achievements.

Honorary Fellowships may be awarded to individuals who are of outstanding distinction in their own fields and have rendered exceptional service to the University.

A list of those who have received such awards is available here (coming soon).


Nominations for Honorary awards may be made using the form available here (downloadable word form), which should be submitted to the University via

All nominations are considered by the Nominations and Governance Committee, a committee of the University Council. The Committee’s membership includes a student governor and a staff governor.

Nominations may be submitted at any point during the year but are normally considered annually by the Committee.

Further information on eligibility, criteria and procedure is available here