Lung-Strengthening Qigong Video Tutorials

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The Lung-Strengthening Qigong exercise was developed by Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine during the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic in China. It was used to help nursing staff develop whole person resilience and to reduce the effects of stress.

This meditative movement exercise can be performed in either a standing or sitting position and is suitable for anyone who wishes to connect more deeply with their body and optimise their health. 

If you are new to the exercise the following videos have been divided into four parts so you can follow one section at a time. The last video combines all four sections and allows you to follow the complete sequence. Qigong tutor Zhao Zhangyang gives an explanation of the movements and a brief introduction to the TCM principles behind the exercise.

Lung-Strengthening Qigong Part 1

Lung-Strengthening Qigong Part 2

Lung-Strengthening Qigong Part 3

Lung-Strengthening Qigong Part 4

Lung-Strengthening Qigong complete sequence