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The MA in Ecology and Spirituality is a distance-learning programme. Applications are open now for start dates in either September/October, or January/February

At this point in human history, many academics, activists, leaders and thinkers are calling for urgent reconsideration of the cultural narratives and spiritual values that support our very existence on the planet.

In an attempt to divert the current trajectory of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ towards a more sustainable and equitable future, this requires objective and critical thinking about our relationship and connection to the natural world, to the people and communities around us and to the very beliefs and values that drive our individual and collective actions.

This programme in Ecology and Spirituality explores the relationship between spirituality, religion, philosophy on the one hand, and ecology on the other. We can ask whether spirituality and religion may be causes of current ecological crises, or offer solutions to the systemic ecological crises in which we find ourselves. 

We inquire into the spiritual uses of ecology - and ask whether it has a spiritual dimension. As a programme of postgraduate study, depending on the modules you choose, this course offers a personal and experiential journey – an opportunity for you to deeply explore your own inner landscape and how it relates to your actions in the outer world.

You will combine critical thinking and academic rigour with an exploration of your own values, beliefs and personal narratives and how these fit and find resonance and authenticity with your life and work.

This is a chance to look at your own relationship with our planet – and in doing so explore personal and collective solutions to living in a more sustainable, resilient, connected harmonious and beautiful world. 

One unique feature of this programme is that it extends the concept of the environment to a wider cosmic environment, offering the chance to take modules which engage us with the sky, planets and stars.