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UWTSD has a long standing history in the field of Education, first offering the MA Ed programme in 1984.  The programme's content is regularly reviewed to ensure that it is relevant to today's educational professionals.

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Up to 6 years part time

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Continuing Professional Learning and Development
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Junnine Thomas-Walters
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The programme has evolved and developed over the last twenty eight years. It has long been a successful and popular programme with teachers and educationalists. Productive and strong collaborative links have been developed between UWTSD, ERW, local authorities, schools and outside agencies.

Following a review and in line with current thinking, the programme team decided to design and offer a range of specialised pathways in addition to the generic Post Graduate Certificate/Diploma in Education and MA (Ed) being offered.

 The full MA (Ed) is a modular programme comprising six modules.

Part One of the programme requires the student to take four ‘taught’ modules; (120 credit units at Master’s level). Part Two of the programme comprises the dissertation, equivalent to two full modules (60 credit units at Master’s level). It requires the student to complete a dissertation following a period of independent study on a topic of interest and relevance to themselves. Students following named award pathways must complete the dissertation (Part Two) within their specialist area.

During Part One of the programme, students will attend modules led by a tutor. In addition, students will undertake directed and independent study and will work towards the submission of an assignment for each module.

During Part Two of the programme students will be allocated a one-to-one supervisor to support them through their dissertation and will also attend dissertation support sessions.

Core Module:

  • The Philosophy and Practice of Social Research: 30 Level 7 credits

Other modules available in Part One:

  • Exploring Additional Needs: 30 Level 7 credits
  • Independent Study: 30 Level 7 credits
  • Leadership: 30 Level 7 credits
  • Pedagogical Inquiry: 30 Level 7 credits
  • Curriculum Design: 30 Level 7 credits
  • Mentoring to Improve Teacher Development and Pupil learning: 30 Level 7 credits

Part Two Dissertation: Double module 60 Level 7 credits

*Please note that you are required to complete four modules in Part One and a double module in Part Two. There are opportunities to bring in previously gained credits (within the last five years). Please contact the Programme Director if you wish to clarify individual circumstances.

The MA (Ed), Postgraduate Diploma/ Postgraduate Certificate is a part-time programme of study for teachers and other educational professionals who wish to extend their academic and professional development. It is therefore conceptualised and delivered in ways that will enhance the intellectual development of participants as individuals (personal development), enable participants to reflect on and act on issues and priorities which are relevant to them in their educational establishments (staff development) and provide them with insight into developments within education taking place outside their own schools and institutions which may have an impact directly or indirectly on themselves as practitioners (professional development).

The programme as a whole is designed to support teaching as a research-based profession. We believe that practice is improved through reflection-on-action and that practitioner research must play a fundamental part of school improvement and professional development.

The purpose of the MA (Ed) is not to detach theory from practice but to enable theory to inform practice.  The degree is designed to build on the realities of educational practice and support individual teachers in their professional development and/ or career objectives. The MA (Ed) presents an opportunity for teachers to create communities of learning and teaching networks that will outline the time spent studying on the programme.

The primary function of the MA (Ed) programme team is to assure academic standards, the quality of the programme, the student experience and the assessment procedures, taking full regard of the precepts or, “key matters of principle that the higher education community has identified as important for the assurance of quality and academic standards”. (QAA 2004). Quality assurance is paramount and the programme team has striven to ensure the quality and relevance of the programme is maintained through new effective and stringent systems that have been introduced.

The Learning Outcomes will be assessed through a mixture of different assignments, portfolios of work and a dissertation. The learning, teaching and assessment strategy devised for the modules will ensure that the specialist skills are developed and clearly assessed.

A first degree is required to apply for the MA(Ed). If you have any further enquires please contact the Programme Director/ Admissions Tutor directly on

Most students engaging in this programme are employed in educational settings. The experience of the MA(Ed) is often transformative, leading to an enhancement of learning and teaching and often leading to promotion within the profession.

  • Post Graduate Certificate Education
  • Post Graduate Certificate Education (Additional Learning Needs)
  • Post Graduate Diploma Education

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