Mercator at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David builds upon three decades of expertise in the fields of minority (or minoritised) languages, international cultural exchange, literary translation and policy analysis.

We work in the professional sectors of our specialist fields as well as in the academic world, focussing on:

  • minority (or minoritized) languages in Europe and further afield, including language planning and sociolinguistics
  • international cultural exchange, publishing and literary translation between Europe and the world
  • policy analysis in media, the arts and the creative sector with a particular focus on the international level

Internationally, we work in a range of languages and networks.
Our work is driven by the principles of equality and sustainability.

Our Team

About us

In the field of minority/minoritised languages, “Mercator-Media” in Wales was one of the four founding Mercator centres instigated by the European Commission in 1988.

Over the decades the Mercator network and the Mercator centres have evolved, whilst retaining and developing the expertise in minority languages. Today, Mercator is a partnership between the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and Mercator International.

Mercator is home to:

This work is supported by the Arts Council of Wales, the National Lottery and the Welsh Government. Through Literature Across Frontiers, we lead and participate in three Creative Europe projects:

  • Literary Europe Live+
  • Ulysses’ Shelter
  • LEILA (Arabic Literature in European Languages)

We host the annual Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship in literary translation and creative writing.

We support and host the Secretariat of Wales PEN Cymru and the International Association for Minority Language Media Research.

We are members of:

  • ELEN (European Languages Equality Network) – executive committee
  • ECSPM (European Civil Society Platform for Multilingualism) – executive committee
  • ENLIT (European Network for Literary Translation) – founder members
  • Culture Action Europe
  • Anna Lindh Foundation
  • NPLD (Network for the Promotion of Linguistic Diversity)

and a partner in ENROPE (European Network for Junior Researchers in Plurilingualism).