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Metadesign Research Centre Wales

Metadesign Research Centre Launch

The Metadesign Research Centre Wales (MDRC) is a vehicle to support and develop interdisciplinary research across the University.

The University’s commitment to Metadesign began with the appointment of Professor of Practice John Wood in 2018. This is supported through a formal programme of research seminars and hub meetings which facilitates knowledge exchange between researchers from across UWTSD as well as from other collaborating universities (although the planned programme of events has been delayed by the Covid 19 pandemic).

The first Metadesign Research Centre was opened at Swansea College of Art & Design, UWTSD on 26th June with workshops on 27th June 2019. The launch was kindly supported by the ATiC project.

Contact: info@metadesigners.org

What is Metadesign?

What is Metadesign?

Metadesign is an emerging conceptual framework for co-creating a new social, economic and technical infrastructure. It exists as a superset of aims, values and tools that would enable teams of trans-disciplinary designers to map, co-create, and orchestrate a new paradigm of wellbeing.  MDRC acts as a bridging, collaborative and creative research space for those working in contemporary arts practice and those in design for life-science, health and wellbeing.

Metadesign employs regenerative design thinking and making tools for the needs of humanity, with the health and sustainability of our planet as the key stakeholder. These theoretical and intuitive principles are embedded within the research strands across all provision and will impact significantly on the growing research culture at post-graduate level. The particular focus for the MDRC Wales is to work with the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act (Welsh Government, 2015) and to engage with the environmental legacy and knowledge situated within the Welsh language.

The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (Intellect) was co-founded and co-edited by Lockheart and Wood (2007-present), and the WritingPAD network, directed by Lockheart, are now housed within MDRC.  In this, as it develops, MDRC will be interdisciplinary and connect writing in creative practice, science and art using design as the bridge to enable collaborations, connections, novel tools, processes and outcomes.

Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015)

Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015)

The Metadesign Team will develop a research agenda aims supports the aims of the Welsh Assembly's Well-being of Future Generations Act (2015). The scope of the Act includes but is broader than, issues of:

  • environmental sustainability
  • gender
  • racial equality. 


  1. A globally responsible Wales
  2. A prosperous Wales
  3. A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh Language
  4. A resilient Wales
  5. A Wales of cohesive communities
  6. A healthier Wales
  7. A more equal Wales
  8. Guests included individual experts, enterprises and charities working within the life sciences sector.

Please visit the Metadesign Research Centre Website to find out more.